The greatest thing.

Ideas for future addons and sequels

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The greatest thing.

Postby kilihari » Mon Jul 06, 2009 3:17 am

My opinion.

The thing is, and this is the beautiful thing. There is a future for Uplink. Coming from a small business owner, companies, in the end are about making money. Even if Introversion is not a sequel whore and even if they always like moving in original and creative directions, at some point in time there will be something associated Uplink or Uplink-like, or even Uplink 2 coming from them.

This is my reason, there will be something released under this name because it is a sure fire way to make some serious cash, taking into account what is going on in the markets these days and the financial situation all around the world, Introversion might even be forced to create a sequel just to generate quick and easy cash just to stay alive. Desperate times sometime dictate our actions weather we like it or not. And weather they like it or not, Introversion absolutely knows it can generate very quick cash by creating a sequel, bad or good, everyone here will buy it. I am not saying a sequel for sure, but something associated or maybe along the same lines .... for sure!

It doesn't matter if it will be 1 year or 5 years, because this title is an absolute gold mine, you can bet your lunch money this is not the last you have heard of this game. This is an A-list title from one of the best indie developers. It can't afford to walk away from this one.

My opinion. I write my opinion twice cuz, this is just my humble opinion, I know I could be wrong, but it is just my opinion, so I thought I would write it, cuz that is what forums are for.

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Postby Rkiver » Mon Jul 06, 2009 11:12 am

For once an interestingly thought out reasoning for a sequel to Uplink.

However there is one slight flaw in it. Uplink was no where near as big as you seem to think it is. Darwinia and Defcon were far bigger sucesses. Uplink is still somewhat of an underground sleeper when it comes to sales.

But you never know, Introversion may decide to make decide to make a sequel, but so far any time they've been asked about it the answer has always been an emphatic "no".
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