Yet another doomed-to-fail attempt at an online uplink

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Uplink: Online-Multiplayer

Postby Andrewxc » Wed Oct 14, 2009 7:17 pm

The simplicity of Uplink, as it is, is wonderful. Practically any computer can run it.
In that spirit, I think the best changes that could be made to make it online-multiplayer would be to implement a mission system similar to other MMOs on the market, whereby you need to hack into several secure, otherwise unhackable instanced locations, so that beginners can get their bearings.

After that, the mission system could run something like what is currently in the UPLINK software:
Missions are given into the pool once every few seconds, players may only take a maximum of two missions per mission type at any given time.
There will be many more petty hacks, for the lesser-skilled and poorer players, than there will be highly skilled hacks (probably proportional to how many people are AT each level).
Hacking jobs come in from all offices, servers, PCs all around the world (and there would need to be thousands of locations - many more than the original Uplink); individual people, not just corporate representatives can commit corporate espionage on anyone - including their colleagues at the same location - (most likely through LAN) frame them for theft, ruin projects, create viruses to ravage their individual system, etc.
Jobs may be given out as SysAdmins to people to protect their corp's assets and run both the active and passive traces.

I would also suggest a filter option for systems around the world, so that you could find systems with certain strings in their names.

This would have to move too quickly if we wanted to match UPLINK: Online to the original UPLINK timeline, though that would be awesome to run it in actual real-time.
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Yet another doomed to fail attempt at an online uplink

Postby OlgaShtain » Sat Jul 03, 2010 5:48 pm

Is it Resurrect a Dead Thread day already? My how time flies

For me, I listen to every podcast offline, even if Im sitting at work and using speakers. I just have those speakers plugged into my ipod.

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