Arunmor LAN crash

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Arunmor LAN crash

Postby EffluvialKraken » Wed Jan 06, 2016 4:30 pm

I'm doing a playthrough in which I side with ARC and take down Arunmor, but I've hit a complete roadblock. I'm at the mission where you're tasked to destroy Arunmor's LAN. Whenever I try to access the main computer (the one that hosts the files) in the Arunmor LAN, the game crashes. The computer has three guardian locks and I've disarmed them all, so upon connecting I can just immediately connect to the main computer. Yet if I do this, or try to connect to the disarmed locks, the game crashes. Everything is normal for a few moments, but then the game just dies. It crashes so quickly that there's no way for me to get past the system's security, so I'm permanently stuck. The first time I went in, everything was fine. I tried to use the console to delete all of the files, but got kicked by the administrator before even usr could be deleted. Now I can't even do that much.

I'm running the Steam version, by the way.

And after running through the whole game again, it didn't happen. Maybe this bug only happens if you get kicked while deleting through console?

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