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Screen goes black randomly

Posted: Sun Jan 03, 2016 1:06 am
by Xevion
*Please note this is extremely frustrating so I'm sorry if I blurt out or be a bit childish.

I just bought this game and randomly after completing a few missions (and before hand it blacking out 2-3 times) I started getting the repetitive black screen thing.
Of course I can't find any fixes or reports of this since google finds only Black Ops 2 results and nothing on this game,now the discussion on steam and introversion shows nothing.

My screen just blacks out randomly. There doesn't seem to be a specific cause,it just blacks the screen,sound keeps playing,and I don't see any buttons I can click or hear in game being clicked,never tried it out for sure because its too random.

edit: Yup,can't click anything,buttons,text boxes ect.