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[Linux]I Cannot change Uplink Resolution

Posted: Fri Dec 26, 2014 2:41 pm
by leoworm
I´ve been having been playing with the default Uplink Resolution(640x480) for quite a while now. But a while ago it started annoying me playing like this because my screen Resolution is much higher(1680x1050). But as i changed the Resolution and restarted the game to apply the settings, it always crashed. I could only fix this Error by deleting the options file in .uplink. Some help with this matter would be very appreciated, as i very enjoy this game, but the resolution is annoying.
I´m running Ubuntu 14.04 and am playing the game through the open steam beta branch.
Leo :D
Please forgive me if I oversaw a old Topic or FAQ where this was answered.I checked quite some forum posts but couldn´t find anything so i made my own thread.