no way to back out of Admin link at banks + other annoyances

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no way to back out of Admin link at banks + other annoyances

Postby xybyre » Fri Aug 09, 2013 3:12 pm

Like the subject says, once you go into the Admin page, there is no way to back out. I was able to crack the admin password, but didn't have the tools to do the other two (audio & elliptical curve). I ended up having to disconnect.

There are also a number of UI enhancements they can make:
1. There is a progress bar for log deletions. Really?? You're editing a text file! It should be instantaneous.
2. There should be an easier way to clean up the logs. For example, select the row and press Delete (which would only work if you had the tool). Really, there should be a higher version tool that just does it automatically.
3. Automatically remove the "fill this in" text
4. Show how much money you have in the purchase screens! Yes, I know you can open the bank window, but you shouldn't have to.

I like the game, but they could make some very easy changes to the UI to make it less tedious to play.

[edit: forgot to mention - this is the Windows Steam version]
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Postby Rycr » Thu Aug 15, 2013 9:09 am

This forum is for bug reports, not feature requests. Although you probably won't have any more luck in any other forum since Uplink is basically "done." It was last patched over six years ago.
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