Resolution, Mouse, and Patch problem

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Resolution, Mouse, and Patch problem

Postby ChristPrincess » Sat Aug 02, 2008 2:51 pm

When I opened Uplink, My whole screen looked different; I had 2 mouse pointers (one that is mine, one that seems to be for the game); the blue log in box was gone, and the "new user, options, and exit" buttons were on the very far right of my screen- of which I could not click on. I have a feeling this occured because I seem to have incorrectly adjusted game settings. I cannot change them back because the game only recognizes the game mouse, yet I cannot use it because my computer still recognizes my mouse. My mouse reaches it's limitation for movement before i can move the game mouse to select the game options.

I have tried putting the game in a window, but uplink has refused to cooperate.

I have also tried downloading patches, but something won't let me follow through with it. I get to the user terms/agreement screen, accept, and then try C:/ProgramFiles/Uplink as default, but the button for install remains grayed out, no matter which patch I try.

I was going to uninstal, then reinstall-- however as I have had uplink for a few months now, I no longer have the download link. (I purchased the game online, and could not get a disc with it) I would most prefer to not have to re-purchase Uplink.
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Postby frenchfrog » Sat Aug 09, 2008 8:02 pm

For the patch installation problem is seems you have the Hacker Elite version on Uplink, see Who's selling Hacker Elite? IV takes legal action...

As for the mouse cursor problems, try updating your video card drivers? Do you run desktop replacement software like WindowBlinds? If yes, put Uplink in the exclusion list.
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