Playing Financial God!

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Playing Financial God!

Postby frailcorpse » Wed Jun 15, 2011 10:30 am

I have been searching the forums and have been finding some contradicting information regarding bank hacking. I thought since I don't have a life or anything that I would take the time to tell you fine folks how I went about hacking all but a two or three bank accounts and got away with it. I will also point out a few other projects I put into motion including how to completely control the stock market in the game and essentially make it so you control everything...the question you need to ask yourself far down the rabbit hole do you want to go?

You will want to have a notebook and pen handy as well as a shitload of time. I promise you it will be worth it, especially if you acquire the skill necessary to pull off such a feat.

Ok first things first access the InterNIC and add every link to your gateway. Then filter the links by typing bank in the filter box. Write down each bank on a separate page in your notebook including their IP Address. Essentially it should look like this:

Alpha Inc. International Bank - 703.994.786.441
Name Account Number Amount

Hacking bank accounts is not as hard as it seems. The hardest part is obtaining the account number. After that its a cakewalk. Make sure you have a proxy bypass and monitor bypass, as well as password breaker and log deleter all at the highest version available. Trace tracker and gateway monitor are a big help but not required. Also set up an account at each bank, including Uplink under a false name other than the one you use in the game. You will transfer credits from each account into a designated account at the hacked bank making it easier and quicker to delete the transfer logs. After all the accounts at each bank have been hacked you will transfer all the money from each bank into your second Uplink account under the false name, making sure to delete the transfer logs in between transfers. The last transfer you make will be from the phoney uplink account into your first uplink account.

Once you have your account number make a large network of bounces starting with the InterNIC making sure to have at bare minimum 25 bounces. I personally do the distance with well over 30 bounces ensuring they won't be tracing me quickly. The average trace time when hacking the academics database is over 3000 secs lol.

After you have your bounces connect to the bank you want to hack and use monitor and proxy bypass. If you have gateway monitor and trace tracker enable them now along with log deleter. Enter the account number and use password breaker to crack it. Once inside go to loans and increase the targets loan to the maximum and then pause the game. This is where your notebook first comes into play. Write down the Account Number, Targets Name, and the amount in his account. Then unpause the game and transfer the money into your account at that bank. Go to the statement screen where you will delete the transaction log for that transfer and then pause the game. Here is where it gets time consuming (I did it over a period of 3 or 4 days). Start with the first page of your notebook where you wrote down the bank information, and work your way through the transaction list as so; say the first bank you wrote down was Alpha Inc. you would look at the IP address (ex. 703.994.786.441) and write down all the bank accounts on the transactions screen for that bank, doing the same for each IP address/bank.

Doing this will do a few different things opening a few new doors in the game. After hacking each bank account you will gain a few new bank accounts either at that bank or another until finally every one you check has already been written down. This comes in handy early on in the game when bank hacking missions first begin to appear. Also, you now have the names of everyone in the game and if you make a note of it when looking at their statements you will know who works for uplink (usually have a deposit from Uplink or monthly Uplink fees). This will allow you to completely eliminate the competition and any chance of being set up by other hackers. I am currently conducting an experiment to see if putting everyone in debt has any effect on the game or the stock market within the game. Most people will be in debt after increasing their loans but so far putting them in debt has done more than satisfied my own childish curiosity.

I managed to hack all but two or three accounts which despite great effort seem unhackable, but I have another post regarding that issue.

On a side note I have had some luck experimenting with the stock market. It seems that after hacking a few company's several times and destroying their systems, the market crashes lowering prices. In doing so, one could repeat these steps until the market bottoms out allowing them to buy in at ridiculously low prices, and then turn around and sell later on to make a fortune. Initially once you have completed the storyline the rest of the game seems boring which is why I started doing things like this. I try to find the boring in something and make something out of that, as I have here. This has provided me with hours of extra gameplay that serve some purpose as I intend to do many more things. If you can manage to do as I have instructed above early on in the game you will be at a great advantage later on. Having over 13 million credits can definitely come in handy. I have also calculated the cost of rebuilding should you have to nuke your gateway and want to restart with the best of everything.

[u]Trinity Gateway - 31,250c
[b][u]CPU 200Ghz x8 - 96,000c
[b][u]Memory 8Gq x13 - 24,000c
[b][u]Modem 8Gq/S - 8,000c
[b][u]Gateway Monitor + Nuke - 30,000c
[b][u]All Software except Dictionary Hacker, Monitor/Proxy/Firewall Disable - 316,000

Total Cost: 505,750c[/u]

I know you can just hack the admin account but I have found that not all accounts show up not to mention you always get detected after you crack the password. Doing it my way they never enable the trace and as soon as you follow my steps you will not get caught. So again do the above in this order:

Get links
Set Up Accounts at each bank
Connect to target bank bypassing system(do not disable or you will be detected)
Hack Account
Increase loan to maximum(maximizing your profits)
Transfer Credits to your account
Delete Transaction Log in targets account
Log out of targets account and log into your account at that bank
Delete any and all Transaction logs in your account.
Log out
repeat process for each account being sure to write down all the bank accounts you find in each targets bank statement

if you pause the game it allows you to gather the information you need without having to rush like you would doing things other peoples way ex. using the email option to send yourself the account numbers from the admin screen. doing this keeps you on the line allowing the admin to trace you. remember just because your trace tracker isn't showing anything doesn't mean someones not looking. always be sure to go back to the InterNIC after everything you do and delete the logs. I have heard some say to simply modify them so it doesn't look suspicious but remember a good hacker can always modify what is there, but not all logs can be undeleted. feel free to contact me with questions or reply to this post.
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Postby DinoSteve » Wed Jun 15, 2011 11:19 am


1) The only contradicting information about hacking banks is posted by noobs who don't have a clue what they're doing let alone saying. Try reading the guide, FAQ, or posts from the Veterans rather than 5 year old threads by noobs.

2) Why are you posting this in the Bug Reports section of the forums?
The above post is not intended as an attack on you. It's not about making you look stupid for not searching. It merely states the facts. Please don't be offended.
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Postby frailcorpse » Thu Jun 16, 2011 7:40 am

DinoSteve wrote:TL;DR.

1) The only contradicting information about hacking banks is posted by noobs who don't have a clue what they're doing let alone saying. Try reading the guide, FAQ, or posts from the Veterans rather than 5 year old threads by noobs.

2) Why are you posting this in the Bug Reports section of the forums?

Yes i agree, there are a lot of hacking and other guides out written by noobs, but even the most seasoned players have made mistakes. I have read the guide rather thoroughly and only posted this as merely an alternative as I found my way to not only be easier, but I have yet to be caught, whereas I have been caught doing it every way you people list online. Just thought I would give an alternative for those who do not wish to blindly follow the actions of incompetent players. As for why it was posted in the Bug Reports section that must have been an error on my part. I was searching the forums and was going to use this to respond to another's post but must have done something else.
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Postby tjohn1994 » Sat Mar 10, 2012 12:08 am

can you help me?
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Postby NeatNit » Sat Mar 10, 2012 12:50 am

Depends on what your problem is.

Please, if it's not relevant, post it somewhere else ;)
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Re: Playing Financial God!

Postby Jackmine11 » Wed Oct 11, 2023 2:01 pm

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