Bank Hacking Guides *Simplified*

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Bank Hacking Guides *Simplified*

Postby E404 » Sun Jul 07, 2019 11:34 am

Hi i'm new here but not new on Uplink Hacker Elite, lately i heard so many people still confused and i know lots of old uplink hacker's preferred the old ways. well this is Easiest Way To hack the bank. i know - i know the uplink purist will call this the most lazy hack attempt ever made. but hey if this post save countless new uplink hacker you welcome to try this. remember all you need is "patient".

The Following items you need

CPU Requirement - Basic idk if 400GHZ is fast enough you can try to experiment tho..
CPU SPEED : 600GHZ (Mandatory)

Log Breaker V4
Decypher V4
Voice Analyzer V2

Make sure you update all below this section to max version if not well you going to have a "Swell" Day.

HUD ConnectionAnalysis <-- Main Hud you need to buy
HUD MapShowTrace <-- Skip That Cheap Tracer you need this trust me it's going to save your butt a lot if you want to use this guide.
HUD Randomizer <-- This is optional but hey if you paranoid like me you gonna use this and change your Bounced IP
HUD Proxy Bypass <-- Mandatory because this is automated you don't need to do manual proxy

1. Target Your Victims { Most profitable Heists are The administrators of the bank itself}
2. Once you copied their details, make most of your time transferring those money to your main acc. don't worry you will not get caught trust me..
3. once that done delete statements on the main bank you just hack , don't worry about the log it wont be there.
4. go back to uplink bank and delete statement from there
5. delete all InterNIC logs this is last thing they would look for your ip.
6. once you cleared everything i mean everything, you will receive wonderful rating email " You are now Elite"

if you have Hud connection analysis and Map Show Trace , you have room to relax. it will tell you on the spot how much time you have left to hack the target before they trace you.

i rarely use Monitor to track their progress, because i plan everything ahead before they do everytime i do this. i rarely get caught hacking bank.

i forgot to mention HUD Proxy Bypass you need to run this every-time you want to sent amount of Credits to your own acc.

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