Uplink bank immediate trace

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Uplink bank immediate trace

Postby Beerbelott » Tue Mar 12, 2019 12:15 am


That has been quite some time I haven't played Uplink.

I went on doing the old trick: chaining a couple missions in order to get level 5 Proxy & Firewall Disable, came along a mission where you need to trace money transfer and conscientiously noting down all required information for later. :D
I then 'hacked' both banks, one to actually transfer money, and both to delete statements. I then cut the link of logs on the InterNIC server, as usual.

All safe, I got a message talling me I jumped 4 ranks, sign that the hack was successful.

WIth that plenty of money, I decided to connect directly to the Uplink bank to pay off my loan, which I maximized at game start... and stuff went south. I immediately got traced and forcefully disconnected, while no program was running apart for 2 trace trackers (the basic one + map one)!

THere is virtually no conenction between my genuine one at the end to check my own account and the previously occurring hack, from which I guess I cut all ties.

Who knows what I did wrong? Have I missed something?

For those interested in watching what happened/digging into my actions, watch the end of this video:

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