Neuromancer rating change by mission

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Neuromancer rating change by mission

Postby tachy » Wed Nov 02, 2016 2:15 am


I have searched the 'net for specific info on how each type of mission affects the neuromancer rating.
A typical guideline is "missions that affect companies are good; missions that affect people are bad."

Well, since I could not locate any specific information, I decided to dig through the Uplink source code to get my answer.
(I hope I am not breaking any rules by publishing this information).

Below is a list of mission types and their neuromancer change value (in parenthesis).
The neuromancer change value is multiplied by mission difficulty when applied to the neuromancer rating.
For each type there is list of possible mission descriptions with minimum difficulty in parenthesis.
Difficulty variance is 2, so if a mission has minimum difficulty of 3, it may be generated with difficulty in the range 3-5.
  • Remove company (60)
    • unused? (8)
  • Remove computer (30)
    • "Elite agent required for destruction of computer system" (6)
  • Destroy file (5)
    • "Find and destroy crucial data on a mainframe" (2)
    • "Break into a rival computer system and sabotage files" (2)
    • "Hack into a computer and delete key files" (2)
    • "Destroy scientific research currently in progress" (5)
    • "Destroy corporate data of a rival company" (5)
    • "Destroy customer records on a sales system" (5)
    • "Destroy rival software in development" (5)
  • Steal file (0)
    • "Steal important data from a rival company's file server" (2)
    • "Access a remote system and copy important data files" (2)
    • "Gain access to a rival system and steal research files" (2)
    • "Steal valuable scientific research documents" (5)
    • "Copy large and secure corporate database" (5)
    • "Break into High Security System and steal customer records" (5)
    • "Copy proprietary source code database" (5)
  • Special (0)
    • "Counter attack!" (n/a)
    • "Perform a covert installation of a Tracer" (10)
    • "Help bring the CEO of a major company into custody" (10)
    • "Take advantage of an amazing opportunity" (10)
    • "Prevent the outbreak of Revelation" (20)
    • "Test run Revelation Version 1.0" (6)
    • "Steal vital Research into Digitial Life Forms" (10)
    • "Frame the chief tech of Arunmor Corporation" (10)
    • "Destroy all research completed by Arunmor" (15)
    • "Release the Revelation Virus into the wild" (20)
    • "Help us track down some people we wish to speak with" (n/a)
    • "wargames" (n/a)
    • "12" (n/a)
    • "13" (n/a)
    • "14" (n/a)
    • "15" (n/a)
  • Find data (0)
    • "Find financial details of one of our associates" (5)
    • "Client interested in financial data on an enemy" (5)
    • "Trace a recent balance transfer" (5)
  • Change data (-5)
    • "Generate a University Degree for a friend" (3)
    • "Improve our associates' academic standing" (3)
    • "Help us prove a fellow employee is over-rated" (3)
    • "Qualifications required for wealthy professional" (3)
    • "Falsify a Social Security document" (4)
    • "Create part of a new identity" (4)
    • "Help to discredit one of our rivals" (5)
    • "Help to stop a hacker from ever working again" (5)
    • "Clear a criminal record" (5)
  • Change account (-10)
    • "Our esteemed colleague wishes to make a donation." (7)
  • Frame user (-20)
    • "Frame a user for computer crimes" (9)
    • "Frame a man for bank fraud" (9)
    • "Frame a user for destruction of data." (9)
  • Trace user(-30)
    • "Trace an unauthorised money transfer" (8)
    • "Trace a hacker who recently broke into our systems" (7)
  • Remove user(-60)
    • "Highly skilled Agent required for removal job" (8)

If your gateway is seized by the feds, and you get away with it (nuke), neuromancer increases by +150 and Uplink score goes down by -30.

Contrary to popular belief, robbing a bank does not change neuromancer rating, but it does increase Uplink score by +150.
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Re: Neuromancer rating change by mission

Postby tachy » Wed Nov 02, 2016 2:19 am


Mission: "Destroy customer records on a sales system"
Type: Destroy file (5)
Difficulty: between 5 and 7
Neuromancer impact: between +25 and +35

Mission: "Our esteemed colleague wishes to make a donation."
Type: Change account (-10)
Difficulty: between 7 and 9
Neuromancer impact: between -70 and -90
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Re: Neuromancer rating change by mission

Postby ChristianJCurry » Fri Apr 02, 2021 8:02 am

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