Hacking Bank account and passive trace

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Hacking Bank account and passive trace

Postby » Fri Jun 24, 2016 9:58 pm

Hello! So, the situation is following:
I need to hack into PeerToPeer bank for account information.

I have Connection HUD with highest possible bypassers for Proxy and Monitor.
The tracer is running, I start hacking the account and - tracer reports no active trace.

I go into the account to check information, no active trace.
I am neither hacking bank admin account, nor doing any money transfer. Just silently hacking into the account and checking its standing.
Of course, I will clean the initial bounce logs just to not risk ruining my character.

The question is: will a passive trace be started (yes/no)?

Because if you hack into a target properly and delete the TARGET logs properly, then the passive trace does not start at all.
Hacked 6 systems, got mission completes and waited two years.
But the bank has much more complex security which costs money to overcome.

Will the TARGET start the passive trace? Would I need to clean the logs on TARGET in exactly this situation?

Not so sure about destroying systems though, because they mention FBI agent investigation.

The thing is - I think that if this is then published on news, the bank should start investigation (passive trace) - theoretically. If not - then theoretically not.
If contractor does not give out the news, then theoretically because of bypassers that would be like a valid user logging from random IP.

But I would welcome an exact answer to this type of mission. Thank you.
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Re: Hacking Bank account and passive trace

Postby Muffy » Mon Feb 20, 2017 6:39 am

Not sure if you still need this answered or not, but I figure it will come in handy for anyone stumbling across this post in the future.

Banks are a little bit different with how they work. With a bank, you have potential access to two types of accounts: standard users, and an actual administrator. On other systems, such as mainframes, the instant you log in with the admin information (even when the monitor is bypassed), you start getting traced. I think this is because those systems do not have another kind of user. Banks have the admin and a regular account user. If you connect to a bank directly and just log into an account, say one you make, there is no problem. You won't get actively traced, and a passive trace won't occur. But if you logged in to the admin directly, you would get caught pretty quickly. It depends on what systems you use to remove the bank's security.

The ONLY time you will get actively traced by a bank is if you leave the Monitor active and perform cracking/decypher/disabling activities. If you disable the proxy on a bank and attempt to connect to it a few minutes later, an active trace will begin immediately on connection regardless of you coming in from a different connection. The proxy will remain disabled for a period of time after you run a disabler. In this situation, connecting directly WOULD get you in big trouble.

In the context of passive traces, these happen regardless of what system you compromise. You could break into a mainframe and not actually do anything. If you leave logs behind, you will get caught and either be framed or have to start a new game. All you need to do to stop all passive traces in their tracks is clear your routing logs off of InterNIC, provided you've been using it as the first node in any bounce trail you make. The difference is, with banks you have only a couple of minutes. Less if you have fewer nodes in a bounce chain. If you connect to a bank and bypass the security (not disable it), but say, log into accounts you've just gotten all the passwords to, you will NOT be passively traced for that action. If you break into the admin section however, you WILL be passively traced. The difference in time it takes varies on what actions you perform.

If you just break into the admin section of a bank to look at account records, you have more than enough time to write down all the account records before you even have to worry about anything. You still should clear any logs out of InterNIC, however. Regardless of whether or not you remove the logs in the admin section of the bank, a passive trace will still occur. It just takes roughly the same amount of time as other passive traces (like from compromising mainframes or LANs). Let's say after you get the records written down, you connect a few in-game days later. You can log into all of those accounts like normal, and as long as you don't run any crackers or decyphers, the bank's security will think everything is normal. Because of this, no passive trace will trigger.

Passive traces only trigger when you initiate some kind of disabler or perform a malicious activity. If you transfer money from an account into your own, that will immediately trigger a passive trace. And a really fast one at that.

Hope that cleared up your question, and anyone else's questions that stumble on this in the future.
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Re: Hacking Bank account and passive trace

Postby Abdullamusa » Sat Aug 08, 2020 6:39 pm

Can anyone transfer to Chime bank?

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