Feds at my gate

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Feds at my gate

Postby RoyBeer » Tue Jun 21, 2016 5:00 pm

Hey there,

I've last played this game about ten years ago but I had no problem getting back into it.

So I've robbed a bank, got myself the best gear and software and started to ruin people's life. I know the drill by heart and clear my logs at internic every time I finish a job.

Next I get a "frame this man for bank fraud" mission and it's the admin of the bank himself! I don't think much about it and do the usual stuff:

1) 3 bounces to the bank, 1st one being internic
2) I get a trace going by starting the password breaker and disconnect
3) I log into internic and modify the trace log from my IP to the victim's and delete the admin access log
4) I wait. Once the news tell about the bank being hacked I get a red fed alert and blow my gateway up.

Huh, OK. Guess something went wrong.
I do the same steps again, but this time I don't get paid a visit. However, the guy is still not arrested and the mission won't finish.
I decide to check out the GCD: The guy still got a clean record. I clean up internic and GCD logs and not a minute later red fed alert again.

Gateway goes boom. Well. Now I've blown up 900k and still got this mission open. Any advice or explanation what I'm missing?

Thanks in advance!

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