Bug with instant active trace (?)

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Bug with instant active trace (?)

Postby Kogure » Fri Nov 28, 2014 5:53 am

Hi. I realise that this forum isn't very active these days, but this is my only hope for help.

So I managed to hack a bank for 1,2 million credits. I deleted the bounce logs and transfer logs. I then wanted to connect to my account in that bank again to get the money to the Uplink bank, but the target bank started tracing me instantly when I connected to their site. I tried changing the bounce path, but to no avail. In the end I tried accessing the account through the finances screen. Which apparently just opens the bank's site. Directly from the gateway. I got booted off before I could say "fuck". I didn't have a nuke set up yet, so... Yeah.

Is it normal for banks to activly trace all connections after someone hacked them? I didn't even have time to access my account. It was an instant trace upon connectin. While still in the main menu. Please help me understand what happened.

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