I keep getting arrested. Advanced tips

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I keep getting arrested. Advanced tips

Postby Lacrymology » Tue Sep 24, 2013 12:53 am

I know this has been said thousands of times, but I cannot stop being arrested. I bounce first from internic. I delete all my internic logs, as soon as I log out from everywhere. I get log deleter v4 as soon as possible.. is there anything else I might be missing?

These are the things that I can think of:

* Last time, I used log deleter v1 for a while until I was able to afford v4, and then started using v4. When I did, I didn't re-delete the old deleted logs. may that have been a problem?
* I usually wonder if that many connections to internic from the same terminal don't look "suspicious" to "sysadmins" in the later phases of the game. Should I change my bouncing route every so often?
* I work with a very long bounce route, first step internic. I hack, I disconnect, I load the bounce route again, cut off internic and then log in to delete the bounce log. This usually means that internic has a lot of connect/disconnect logs from the same IP that hacked the compromised computer (i.e.: the last one in my bounce route). Maybe this is bad? should I connect to internic directly when I go delete logs?
* sometimes I delete the wrong logs, deleting my connect to internic in order to delete the bounce and login as admin logs. In order to avoid unaccounted for disconnect, I usually delete the previous run's disconnect, so I get the connect/disconnect logs paired up (and I tend to think that's even better, since I have a connected log that lasts through the time when the hack was made). But maybe there's a bug in the game, and just having a missing connect log line is "suspicious" even if I fixed things

to clarify, I start up with this:
  • -1) disconnect (this will appear afterward)
  • 1) login
  • 2) connect
  • 3) disconnect
  • 5) connect

and instead of deleting just 1) I delete 2) as well, so

  • -1) disconnect (this will appear afterward)
  • 3) disconnect
  • 5) connect

to fix this, I do this:
  • -1) disconnect (this will appear afterward)
  • 5) connect

any clues?
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Re: I keep getting arrested. Advanced tips

Postby Biwin » Sat Oct 12, 2013 3:35 am

I can tell you with complete certainty that connecting directly to interNIC will not get you caught. In real life any moron with half a brain would look at that log sheet and see we were guilty, but this game doesn't do that.

The only lines you need to erase on interNIC are the ones saying "password authentication accepted" and the "IP routed to <other IP>" logs.

Using a low level log deleter on low level missions is fine. I personally don't bother with them. When I start a new game I immediately buy a tracer lvl 3 and password breaker, then do 3-4 quick sabotage file missions (or copy if you prefer), buy a lvl 4 log deleter and delete all the logs I made on interNIC. Passive traces can take hours at normal speed so you have plenty of time to do several quests before deleting some logs.

I often accidentally delete my connect to interNIC log as well, and fix it in the exact way you've described. I've never been caught from that so I assume we're okay there.

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