don't know what to do

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don't know what to do

Postby fatgarfield23 » Tue Mar 07, 2006 7:54 am

So i got the email from the dead agent, and from there i went on to hack to ARC mainframe. now 3 days later i get disavowed by uplink for hacking into the ARC system. How do i prevent this? i made sure to delete my logs from the ARC system and internic. i've tried over and over again to cover my tracks but it doens't work. can anyone help?
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Postby D3adKl0wn » Tue Mar 07, 2006 1:11 pm

to my knowlage, if you don't try the arc mainframe within the span of a few hours the mission wont start.. also make sure that you just use the password that the agent gives you and not the password breaker.. i never deleted my logs for that one either, since you can't get in using the agents password.. just go through interinc to get rid of that one... they should contact you...

perhaps some of the real vets might have some other suggestions tho, i could be wrong
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Postby xyzyxx » Tue Mar 07, 2006 3:10 pm

It's quite simple.

-Make a connection bouncing directly from your Gateway to the ARC Internal Services System and from there to the ARC Central Mainframe.
-Go to the password screen and enter the password the dead agent gave you.
-After you find out that the password doesn't work, disonnect and wait for the storyline to begin. :)
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Postby Iszi » Thu Aug 16, 2007 11:30 pm

Can someone make sure I have this straight before I go through it for the third time?

  • Agent Dies, sends e-mail.
  • You must connect to the ARC Central Mainframe within a short amount of time. (I've heard estimates of a few hours, up to one week?)
  • You connect to the ARC Central Mainframe via another ARC system (i.e.: Internal Services or Terminal).
  • Connection bouncing not necessary, except for between the ARC machines.
  • No Bypassers or Disablers are necessary at this point.
  • Attempt login with the dead agent's credentials, login will fail.
  • Disconnect from ARC and do not delete any logs.
  • ARC will contact you with job offer.

Also, is this the only storyline point that will move on without you if you don't respond to it, or does the whole storyline run on its own schedule, independent of your actions?
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Postby frenchfrog » Fri Aug 17, 2007 3:45 am

Your procedure looks fine, if the storyline doesn't start go hack the dead agent's computer.

Also the storyline can start without you, check the Uplink Mission board for some Arunmor storyline missions.
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Postby drakosstar » Fri Aug 17, 2007 8:30 am

Yeah seems ok to me. I've always deleted the logs at internic so that shouldn't be an issue one way or another but besides that looks good

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