Question regarding LANs (but not how to hack them)

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Question regarding LANs (but not how to hack them)

Postby Bahnmor » Wed Oct 05, 2005 11:14 pm

I know how to hack a LAN (good fun), but I have a question:

If the system admin catches up with and disconnects you, does that mean you definitely will get caught in a few days?
I ask because I took on a mission that required me to destroy all files on a LAN.
As this was my first LAN mission I took a few attempts for me to get the hang of it, during which the systems admin threw me off a couple of times.
I did NOT get nailed by the active trace, and after every single attempt I went back to my first bounce, the ever-friendly InterNIC, and deleted the "password authentication" and "call routed" logs. Hell, I even did a multiple bounce and log delete when getting the voice prints!
Anyway, I eventually hacked my way into the main server and entered the console. My second problem is that I don't have the time to wait for all the files to be deleted before the system admin throws me off. Do I have to wait for them all to delete or can I input the command and go?

My Log deleter is version 4, my LAN software is all the highest version too, as is my decypher.

That being said, I fastforwarded time and about 3 days later the monitor turned red and I didn't hit self-destruct in time. So the feds caught my carefully worked up character.

Can anyone tell me why exactly this happened? I always went back to my first bounce (InterNIC) and deleted those 2 log entries whenever I connected to either the LAN itself or the system admin's voicephone.
So why did he get caught?
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Postby Mr. Roboto » Thu Oct 06, 2005 6:03 pm

Deleting a database from a LAN is almost impossible, unless you have Revelation. I found it easier to delete them from the file server rather than the console.

Anyway, when the admin catches you, it doesn't always mean that you've been busted. If the admin does boot you, check your criminal records. If you see "Unauthorized access to a system", then you can panic, since you are now being passively traced. Being booted by the admin is almost like having the active trace completed on you.

Just keep tabs on the admin's trace by bringing up the LAN viewer and click on reset when he's about to catch you. You will need to re-navigate the LAN, but you won't need to re-hack any locks.
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Postby Bahnmor » Fri Oct 07, 2005 3:40 pm

Thanks for the help. I remember getting an email warning from the company I'd been trying to hack saying that I'd been found.
Me being a newbie to thie game, I didn't think to check the criminal record. Otherwise I would have taken steps to deal with it. I guess that is the most likely cause for my failure there.

Thanks again.

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