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gizmo evans
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Postby gizmo evans » Fri Mar 12, 2004 1:16 am

hi people, here is my problem, no matter what skill level i get to every time i try to transfer money from someones account into mine i get caught, i delete the transfer logs and admin logs and one of my relay computers what am i doing wrong?
Any help would be greatly appreciated

Also i have just got v1.3 how are you supposed to use the new lan and chat huds??

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Ozymandias IV
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Postby Ozymandias IV » Fri Mar 12, 2004 3:44 pm

This is taken directly from the first page of the FAQ, which is right on the first "Hints and Tips" page, which you could have looked at before asking the question.  Anyway:  "it depends on what you are hacking ; an account or the admin's account  
if it's an account <which it usually is> then first find a trace a bank balance transfer mission then do will be left with an account with lots of credits  in it.  

2. get a hud connection analysis  
3. get a proxy bypass  
4. your ready to transfer...go to transfer money when your logged onto the persons account you want to rob  
5. enter the ip of the bank your transfering to then your account number then get a proxy bypass and bypas the proxy server  
6. click transfer....hurray! You're rich, but it's not over  
7. go to bank statement and get a log deleter delete the statement saying you transfered x amount of money to x ip  
8. then do the same with the statement at your bank  
9. Break your log chain at internic.  
10. If you got away with it you will recieve an email soon informing you of how far your rank has gone up."
Next time, try the FAQ.
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Postby timobkg » Sat Mar 13, 2004 4:15 am

It seems that it is impossible to rob a bank in v1.3 and not get caught.  I have tried several times.  I robbed banks in v1 and v1.2 without a problem, but in v1.3 I always get caught.  I then found this bank robbing faq and followed it to the letter, and still got caught.  It seems that being able to rob a bank and get away with it has been disabled in v1.3 much like the wireless transmitter on the gateway was disabled in v1.2.  I just wish these sorts of things made it into the change log for the patches so that one wouldn't loose an agent due to updating Uplink.
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Postby PurEvil » Sun Mar 14, 2004 6:03 am

It's still very possible to steal money in v1.3.  

First, back up your uplink agent in your "users" directory.  This way, if you get caught, you haven't really lost anything.

[This will be step by step so I don't forget anything.  If you already know how to do a step, just skip over it]

Make sure you have the log deleter v4, hud annalyzer, and v5 of the proxy and monitor bypassers.  Also, get out a piece of paper, and right down your own bank IP and account#.

First off, get the voice file of the sys admin.  Then, bounce around and connect to the bank you're hitting.  

When you get connected, activate the bypassers.  Now, the bank won't notice anything you're doing.  Get in, and look up all the accounts.

Pick an account(s), right down the account# and pass, and hit Done. Exit the admin section, and head over the Manage Existing Accounts.

Log in with the account# and pass, and view the account.  Find out how much the account has in it, and go to transfer funds.

Type in all the info needed, and hit transfer.

Now, leave transfer funds, and view the statement of the hacked account.  Use the log deleter v4 to get rid of your transaction.

Click on the "$" sign at the bottom, and click on your account on the right side.  This'll connect you to your own bank account.  View your statement, and delete your transaction here.

Now break your log chain (deleting your route in InterNIC), and you're all done.

I just did this less than 5 minutes ago, in v1.3, and it worked fine.  If you get caught, then you're not deleting one of the logs, not using the bypassers, or getting caught by the active trace.
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Postby OzoneB » Mon Mar 15, 2004 10:59 pm

Agreed. I had similiar problems until I realized that I was still using LogDeleter 2.0 which the tutorial originally said to buy. Evidently banks have better passive tracers that will undelete the deleted logs an still bust ya. Make sure and get LogDeleter 4.0 and you will be set.


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