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Posted: Thu Jul 24, 2003 8:02 pm
by CatzClawz
First time poster, I looked for help with my issue, and it may be because I dont get this LAN thing.

To get to the point, I'm on the mission where one has to hack the ARC LAN. I connect to the LAN, do my scans, probing and such and come up with this:

(do images work?)

Now, when I click on the solo terminal after connecting to the hub, *valid sub net* appears around terminals 1 through 3 (the terminals in a line). Also, I can see the wireless connection sitting in the distance.

Tell me if I'm wrong, but I was under the impression that when I get into any of these terminals, one would eventually provide me with a radio frequency to connect to the wireless hub. The terminals dont provide me with this, they just spout the usual, "blah blah, Admin will report you...".

Also, I tried spoofing the subnet computers and nothing happened...what is supposed to happen?

Did the game screw up and create an impossible LAN? Or am I missing something?

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Posted: Thu Jul 24, 2003 8:31 pm
by osamabanana
You need to spoof all three subnets (with the highest version of lan spoof) then you shpuld be able to hack into the terminal. There may be some information in here but if not run LAN probe on the terminal and this should show up some new links. If you run LAN probe on a system you do not have access to (you havent hacked) I think it wil not show up any links.

Posted: Thu Jul 24, 2003 8:33 pm
by osamabanana
Also try running LAN probe on the subnets and see if they go anywhere.

If you need practice hacking LANS go to interNIC go to browse and type in sample. This will bring up a LAN you can practice on (note: they still trace you)

Posted: Thu Jul 24, 2003 8:55 pm
by CatzClawz
Yeah, I hacked the password on all the terminals individually, spoofed them after I got rid of the password, then ran a probe on each, and no additional links showed up.

Is the subnet supposed to create additional links?

EDIT: I have the highest versions of all the LAN software (v.3.0)

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Posted: Thu Jul 24, 2003 9:17 pm
by Parasite
spoof one of the subnet, then connect to the solo-terminal with lan_spoof still running and run lan_probe, i would think this would connect you to either the Hub or the wireless, i've never come across this yet so i'm not certain, its also worth pointing out that Hub's can display information(like RF frequencies)..........

good luck

Posted: Thu Jul 24, 2003 9:30 pm
by CatzClawz
Yay! I got it.

Thanks everyone for the help.