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New to Uplink/Introversion

Postby Mr-burme » Sun Feb 02, 2020 3:58 pm

So I was browsing my dads steam library and found Uplink. I have played a little bit of the game, but haven't got thru the ARC storyline. I'm interested these kinds of games like Uplink and Dfcon (unfortunately I don't have Defcon :cry: ) I poked around the game files a little bit, mostly looked at the images. And it was AWESOME, it was like traveling back in time (unfortunately this time with out Michael J. Fox) I could see the modification dates on the files (1999). Well I could ramble on and on about my great experience with Uplink I should get to the point. So read the .txt files and found Modlink it seemed to be abandoned so I went to all powerful mother Google and looked who actually made the game. So I found Introversion software and Chris Delay and their games. I remember that in the .txt files and on the Modlink website there was a mention of someone nicknamed Icepick. I wanted to find out who is Icepick. I found that Chris is an administrator on this forum alongside Icepick. Can someone tell me who is Icepick, Where to get Uplink mods, what is Onlink mod and where to get it, and how do user groups work?

Sorry if I have incorrect grammar and please do correct me, I like learning new things so correcting me would help me learn.
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