Any mod to make in-game scripts?

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Any mod to make in-game scripts?

Postby Sensino » Mon Feb 18, 2019 3:28 am

Is there some kind of mod for Uplink that lets me make my own ingame scripts? (I think it's the ultimate missing feature of Uplink).

Why do I want this?
I would like to automate parts of the hacking, partially because it's repetitive & partially because I find it unrealistic that hacking would be made by hand when a script is SOOO much faster.

What do I mean by in-game scripts?
I'm thinking something along the lines of this: first make a file in the file-system, just like the ones you buy, but you can also open this file & write in the regular console commands that you would use while hacking regularly, then you can execute this script just like how you infect a target with Revelation.

(In-game script would basically be the same to Uplink, as .bat files is to the Windows cmd command prompt).

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