Hello, check my game with similar setting - CyberSentinel

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Hello, check my game with similar setting - CyberSentinel

Postby nosferathoo » Fri Jan 15, 2016 5:28 pm

Hi guys!
I'm indie game developer from Poland. I'm finishing up my design-based puzzle game game that also has hacking theme. I was wondering maybe you guys will like it and if you want vote for my game on Steam Greenlight. There's also demo version available there so you can check the gameplay for yourself.
I'm curious what you guys think about my game, do you have any suggestions?

Steam Greenlight page


Game Description:

Near future. Information is the most precious of resources. International corporations fight a data war for access to new medical, government and military patents and contracts. In an ongoing arms race talented individuals find a way to earn money...

Experience the hacker's side of cyberpunk in Cyber Sentinel! This design-based puzzle game features a complete visual programming kit for designing your own viruses.


- addictive puzzles - be a godlike hacker observing his creations come to life
- quick to learn, hard to master - more elegant solutions are rewarded with more points
- feeling of 80'/90' cyberpunk movies
- 36+ levels with increasing difficulty and grading system
- level editor and option to play and rate other players' levels

DEMO - Download and browser based version:
Gamejolt page

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Re: Hello, check my game with similar setting - CyberSentine

Postby redocJT » Sat Mar 05, 2016 10:36 pm

All the hard work is done. I'd improve on the UI and texture bitmaps and get feedback on mechanics.

If you made a 2D text/button game I'd say you wasted your time.. This genre is dead.

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