Agent Rating Bug/Glitch!!!

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Agent Rating Bug/Glitch!!!

Postby jmichael29 » Thu Jul 23, 2015 3:30 pm

Are you tired of being a low rated agent?
Now its your time to became the top 1 agent :D
From Beginner to Mage :D

This is how to hack the rating or rather called it a bug/glitch :D

First connect to uplink bank
Create new account(if you have only one account)
Now, bypass the proxy and monitor in the bank
Go to transfer money and fill up the forms, when your done(don't transfer yet)
click Tab button on your keyboard and when you reach the "Acc No. [from]",
change your account number into your ingame name and click transfer
The transfer will failed and wait for a while or click run at speed button at the top to speed the time a little bit
and wait until your receive 3 message, the first message is saying that your rating change to skilled and the second one said that
your rating change again to elite and the 3rd and last message said that your rating is now a MAGE!!(check the rankings in the uplink internal service system and you will see that you are now the TOP 1!!!!)

Reply when you need help :)

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