Passive Trace

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Passive Trace

Postby Augen » Wed Jul 01, 2015 3:55 pm

Someone please explain how i keep getting FBI through my motion sensors and me having to nuke my gateway for the 3rd time now..

- I stole 800k from someone's account, deleted victim's statement logs, DID NOT delete my statement logs (They weren't there because i had bought so many things), DID delete correct InterNIC logs
- Motion sensor went off for the first time and i knew what i had missed, so i nuked my gateway.
- Spent most of my money, new gateway, hardware, software, etc.
- Motion sensor went off again, nuked my gateway.
- MADE SURE that the logs didn't exist in InterNIC and checked my bank statement again and they weren't there.
- Fast forwarded a long time, all clear
- Robbed another account, was able to delete both statements AND delete InterNIC bounce and password logs.
- Spent on everything that i needed.
- Long time has passed, then motion sensor goes off again (NOW)

I have not yet nuked the gateway and have paused the game. I just want someone to explain this to me, why do the FBI keep finding me..

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Re: Passive Trace

Postby rgargvanshu » Sat Feb 27, 2016 2:58 pm

They wrent the fbi ... They aare the people whom you ordered to install new thing like gateway etc...

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