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Relink (WIP)

Postby BrainInBlack » Fri Feb 27, 2015 6:16 pm

DISCLAIMER: Introversion Software is not, in anyway, involved with this
project. There for has the right to demand removal of anything that is
related to property owned by Introversion Software, or it's associates.

INTRODUCTION: My name is Daniel "BrainInBlack" Lieberwirth, developer and
i am currently working on a unofficial sequel to Uplink, named Relink. It
will pick up after the events of Uplink and assumes a certain outcome to
the main story. At this point i wont go into the details where exactly we
will pick of, but the story of Relink will start several years after Uplink.

More details about the story will be released, if i get approval from
Introversion Software to use parts of their property required to write a
proper sequel. If not, the story will be rewritten and the game will get
a new name.

The project it self will be open-source and free of charge. The source code
will be released with the game it self, until that point only the core-team
has access to the code, otherwise we wouldn't be able to finish the project
in the near future.

GAME MECHANICS: The best way to describe what i am trying to do is to describe
how a mission will play out in the game.

First of all, you will be contacted by someone and they give you the details
about the mission, i.e. target and what exactly they want. This will either
take place face to face or most likely in some kind of chat (IM, IRC, SMS).

For this example you are tasked to retrive a part of a program in development,
or detailed information's about it.

Now you start gathering as much information about the target company as you
can get. Who are they? Who is involved with the project? Do i know any person
that can get me information about them? Do they take freelancers? An so on...

After all the research, you start with the actual task. Either you infiltrated
the company as some kind of freelancer, or you've been able to gain access via
an employee, or you force your way in. Either-way, you have to finish the job.

Depending on you equipment, you'll probably have to navigate through several
security measures and find what you need. It is up to you if you "just" take
information's or the whole project, including the source code and everything else.

For this example we assume that you infiltrated the company as a freelancer and
that you have access to non essential parts of their system. First of all you
have to get a better access level. You could take the "risk free" approach
and just work for them for several weeks, them strike if you have proper access.

But that would be boring and take a lot of time. So we decide to take the hard
way and gain access to the admin's account. We upload the tools we need to our
remote desktop, within the company, and start hacking the desired account. And
since we are already within the network, we don't face problems like a proxy
or firewall. But there is still a monitor that has an eye on the system.

After we bypassed the monitor we're free to crack the password of the account
that has admin rights. Now we have access to the whole system, so at first we
cover our tracks and destroy any information about us. At the same time we have
started a search for our actual target.

We transfer the data we gathered to a remote server and either give access
to our contact, or send the data directly to them. Both has it's benefits and
drawbacks. We are done, are we?

No! We have to remove any information about this mission within our system and
if possible, on other systems as well.

As you can see, information plays a very big role in Relink. And you have to
think twice about who you can trust. At any point someone could decide to blow
the whistle on you and you have to move very fast to cover your tracks. Even
abort the mission and start praying that the feds don't catch you.

But don't worry, there will be more than enough opportunities to keep you safe.
And even if you get busted, the game world is somewhat persistent enough so you
can "un-bust" your self.

All in all, i try to expand on the mechanics, introduced by Uplink and, "update"
them to the modern world, while staying true to the original. At least up to a

DEVELOPMENT: Relink will be developed with C# as language and WPF for the GUI.
And since Microsoft decided to make C# open-source, it shouldn't be a problem
to cross-compile it for other platforms. But for the moment, windows will be
the lead platform.

CONTRIBUTION: If anyone want to participate in the development, just let me know.
But i won't take anybody! You actually have to be able to do all the things
required for the position you want into. I.e. if you want to do art design, you
have to be able to do more than just make a pretty picture, or compose a logo
with some fonts and effect layers.

* Designer - Art Design.
* Writer - Story and Dialog
* Programmer - Everything else...

You can contact me via mail at "", please describe in
detail what do you think you can contribute to the project, if possible include
some of your work, or references to it. The only payment i can provide is the
satisfaction of a finished product for your portfolio.

There is no restriction on age or so, however you have to be somewhat mature and
able to work in a team. You have to know how to use GIT and Visual Studio 2013.
Everything else is up to you.

CONCLUSION: As you can see, the project is in an early stage. There is an idea,
parts of the story, several concepts for the game-play, some prototyping and tons
of coding ahead. But there is a target, to create a proper Uplink sequel with
modern game-play and some comfort in the GUI.

I hope that there are people that like to get involved and help finish a vision.

Greetings Daniel

PS: Bad English is totally intended, any grammar errors and typos are for your
personal collection ;)
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Re: Relink (WIP)

Postby Gamecool 10 » Wed Apr 22, 2015 5:46 am

How has no one seen this thread? This is pure genius! I've only recently discovered Uplink, but if Relonk is anything like this game, but more elaborate,




Of course, I just hope an Introversion staff member sees this... Can't start the train without the "ok" from the inspector.
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Re: Relink (WIP)

Postby raiisak » Thu Apr 30, 2015 6:46 pm

Is this legit/still on? GO GO GO
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Re: Relink (WIP)

Postby BrainInBlack » Thu Apr 30, 2015 6:58 pm

Yes, it is legit and it is still being worked on. At the moment I'm working on the engine and a ton of mechanical, boring, stuff. I'll update this topic as soon as any notable progress is made.
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Re: Relink (WIP)

Postby raiisak » Wed May 06, 2015 10:06 pm

BrainInBlack wrote:Yes, it is legit and it is still being worked on. At the moment I'm working on the engine and a ton of mechanical, boring, stuff. I'll update this topic as soon as any notable progress is made.
Awesome man! Uplink is on my very top top top list over most memorable games I ever played. Looking forward to follow your work :D

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