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Crashing Servers, Type Commands, and Dissconnect work?

Posted: Sun Sep 03, 2006 4:36 am
by Lord Ned
So i'm working around in crashing servers, and i've found you can type:

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cd usr
cd sys
cd log
and it will execute all the commands one after another. If i dissconnected after inputing all the codes, for it to still crash, and delete, even if i log out?

So i type them in, and hit dissconnect. Does it stop what it is doing, or does it continue on :?: :?:

Any ideas apreciated! :P

Posted: Sun Sep 03, 2006 4:39 am
by Immortius
Why don't you try it out? You should be able to work it out based on whether reconnecting gets you a 404 or not.

Posted: Sun Sep 03, 2006 4:41 am
by Lord Ned
True. Was gonna post and got to bed, but oh well. Now i gotta find a server with Admin console... >.<