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Postby Babylon5 » Mon Jul 24, 2006 1:39 pm

Montyphy wrote:
Babylon5 wrote:
Linkey wrote:No one wishes to get online just for play it,unconvinently!


I believe he meant, "No one will like having to logon to the internet in order to play the game, it'll be too inconvenient." However, Linkey obviously overlooked a few things, such as, the fact many people are willing to play such games i.e. World of Warcraft. Also, no one said that a multiplayer enabled version of Uplink would have to be played muliplayer. The are many games out there that can be played both single player and mutliplayer so there's no reason to think that if someone was to create a multiplayer version that it wouldn't keep the single player functionality.

Ahh... It all makes sense.

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