Onlink[W:B4|L:B4]: Beta4 released

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Onlink[W:B4|L:B4]: Beta4 released

Postby Miah » Sat Sep 11, 2004 11:31 pm

You may download the current version of Onlink from our website at:

Some people have been asking about what the new mod of Onlink has to offer. Here is a SMALL list to show you people, not all of these are done, but will be soon enough ;)


Bandwidth Monitor Bypass V1.0-5.0
Bandwidth Monitor Disable V1.0-5.0
Bandwidth Monitor Killer V1.0

Bank Purge V1.0
Compressor V1.0-4.0
Connection Killer V1.0
Console Inject V1.0
Decompressor V1.0-4.0
Denial of Service V1.0
Encryptor V1.0-7.0
Encryption Bypass V1.0-5.0
Encryption Disable V1.0-5.0
Encryption Killer V1.0
File Copier V2.0-V6.0

Finger Printer V1.0
Firewall Killer V1.0
Gateway Defeater V1.0-5.0
md4 Extract V1.0
md5 Extract V1.0

Imaginary Chaos V1.0
Inverse Spike V1.0
Iris Analyzer V1.0
LAN Reveal V1.0
LAN Spike V1.0
Log Nuker V1.0
Pc Spike V1.0
Proxy Killer V1.0
Real Chaos V1.0
Record Adder V1.0
Retinal Analyzer V1.0
Sentry Bypass V1.0-5.0
Sentry Disable V1.0-5.0
Sentry Killer V1.0

Session Key Bypass V1.0
Session Key Killer V1.0
SHA-1 Extract V1.0

Tic-tac-toe V1.0 – Thanks to Stormchild
VDPIN Defeater V1.0-3.0


mp3 Player V1.0 – Thanks to Dna and elDiablo
Pc Force (Hack at other agents!)
Pc Secure (now you can be a target as well. Defend yourself.)
C++ Programming Client
Chaos Library
Connection Analysis Enhancer
Chip View
Master Key
Hyper Drive Support
Nano-Drive Support


CPUs: range up to 500 Ghz (max price at 250000 cr.)
Memory Chips: buy in bulk up to 512 Gq

RAM Chips: New interface. Buy chips up to 256 Gq in size. Room in the RAM interface is needed to run certain programs, and for HUD and SYS software
Modems: up to 25 Gq/s for Satellite modems, and 40 Gq/s for Spintronic Modems
Gateway Satellite Uplink
Gateway Timed Disconnect
Gateway Wi-Fi

Infinity Chip





uIRC (Enhanced to use certain commands, and directs to the right server)
uHTTP (an in-game web browser)


Active Server Encryption
Bandwidth Monitor

Default Gateway
Session Key

Finger Analyzer
Iris Analyzer
Retinal Analyzer
VDPIN (up to quad-state system) - Thanks to Icepick (up to tri-state)
Virtual Dynamic Personal Identification Number [SECURE] (VSEC)


Fax Machine – use with the Print Server
Print Server
VCC (Vertical Cross Connect) – move to another “level” in the LAN


Car Database
Center for Disease Control
(plus 6 "localized" medical databases and 4 Biohazard level labs)
FBI Database (plus 5 other "localized" databases) – Thanks to Stormchild for the assistance
International Clearance Bank (plus 12 branch offices around the world. This system is the theoretical crown jewel of Onlink, if you can ever manage to get in! ;) )
48 National Banks, including 6 free ones (the ones you pay for are more secure ;) )
InterNIC (now with a registrar database) – Thanks to Stormchild
Phone Database
United Nations (plus multiple localized systems, from the white house and the pentagon, to Buckingham Palace and on)
Warez World (buy pirated software for super-cheap! Be careful, you will be disavowed if you are caught.)

If you have any other idea that may add to this mod, feel free to share them.
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Postby Miah » Sat Sep 11, 2004 11:32 pm

Desciptions Follow:

Security Systems:
Active Server Encryption - Makes files and commands unreadable to the Gateway. Ends up having erros like "Unexpected End Of File reached", and such
Bandwidth Monitor - Love to brute-force the password? Be ready to have your connection killed, then, if you try this!
Default Gateway - Yay description. <to do>
Sentry - Works as an "Active Server Backup" util. This is the firewall's evil twin. It shows that the files have all been deleted, but in reality, they haven't been touched.
Session Key Server - Yay description. <to do>

ChaosSecure - Yay description. <to do>
Finger Analyzer - Yay description. <to do>
Iris Analyzer - Yay description. <to do>
MasterLock - A "Master Mind" type of security system. Play the game
Retinal Analyzer - Yay description. <to do>
VDPIN - Up to Quad-state. A lights out type of security system
VSEC - This version of VDPIN cannot be cracked by a simple program. bi-state only.


mp3 Player – Yay description. <to do>
Pc Force - Yay description. <to do>
Pc Secure - Yay description. <to do>
C++ Programming Client - Yay description. <to do>
Chaos Library - Yay description. <to do>
Connection Analysis Enhancer - Yay description. <to do>
Chip View - View remote Infinity Chips
Master Key - See how close you actually are to getting the MasterLock code
Hyper Drive Support - Needed to run certain new CPUs
Nano-Drive Support - Needed to run certain new CPUs
VDPIN View - Yay description. <to do>


Bank Purge - copies the entire usr dir to your databanks
Compressor - do I have to explain? (newsize=size-version)
Connection Killer - if someone is trying to hack at you, this will usually dc them
Console Inject - injuect a console system into computer that do not have them active
Decompressor - do I have to explain?
Denial of Service - a D.O.S. program whose effientcy depends on how many systems you have put it on. (e.g. ISMs need 7 systems to take them down)
Encryptor V1.0-7.0 - do I have to explain?
Encryption <Method> - These are for the Active Server Encryption
File Copier V2.0 - automatically places the file after downloading
Finger Printer - spoofs finger prints
Gateway Defeater - Try to defeat a Default Gateway of a Mainframe
md4 Extract - brute force an md4 hash (PC Tool)
md5 Extract - brute force an md5 hash (PC Tool)
Imaginary Chaos - used with ChaosSecure, as decypher is to the cypher)
Inverse Spike - someone trying to hack you? spike their connection, so you can trace them all the way back to the source!
Iris Analyzer - iris spoofer
LAN Reveal - show the full LAN in one fell swoop
LAN Spike - force the connection to stay open if the admin tries to kick you
Log Nuker - del the entire log dir
Pc Spike V1.0
Proxy Killer V1.0
Real Chaos - used with ChaosSecure, as decypher is to the cypher)
Record Adder - make a new user on a computer system
Retinal Analyzer - retina spoofer
Session Key Bypass - Use your aqquired Session Key to gain access to a LAN
SHA-1 Extract - brute force a SHA-1 hash (PC Tool)
Tic-tac-toe – Well, duh
VDPIN Defeater - Here due to popular demand!

<Security measure> Killer
One of the more unique things about Onlink is the capability of security systems to evolve. Players will find themselves up against things like Level 9 Proxy servers, while the highest Disabler is version 8 and the highest Bypasser is version 6. These "Killer" programs allow the player to still be able to break the security, in the same fashion as a Disabler, but it goes slower, the actual speed depending on the security level.
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Postby Riddla » Sun Sep 12, 2004 12:52 am

Kyuu. Hehe. Whee. This looks brilliant. Makes me wanna actually re-install Uplink!

/me thinks
Yay. I'll do it later on.

I'll procure obscure amounts of time from somewhere and we will get to work.

/me feels like he is taking 120V through the temples etc

*Riddla+*, when mind-bogglingly insane just isn't enough, they come to me.
Mas Tnega
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Postby Mas Tnega » Sun Sep 12, 2004 1:01 am

So, with the Killer and evolving security, all those machines with an amount of CPUs we used to think were overkill are to be proven too weak to take down some systems far later in the game?
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Postby Miah » Sun Sep 12, 2004 1:40 am

Mas Tnega wrote:So, with the Killer and evolving security, all those machines with an amount of CPUs we used to think were overkill are to be proven too weak to take down some systems far later in the game?

Actually, it's better than just that.

Here is an piece from my very own game bible:
Gateway Generator wrote:Verifies that gateways are not unfair and creates rent/selling prices.

Maximum buying "weight" is 120
Maximum renting "weight" is 250
Maximum buying "weight" with a csüm is 350
Maximum renting "weight" with a csüm is 425

Custom gateways may have a "csüm" resource attached that will show if certain gateways have been "approved" to buy in Onlink. These "csüms" will be free of charge, and easily aquired. The main purpose of this resource is to avoid gateways like the 10,000 Overkill from A.W.O.L. Certain gateways (score > 425) will never be able for purchase.

Hardware Slot - 5/each - 1,750cr
CPU Slot - 4/slot - 1,000cr
RAM Slot - 3/slot - 750cr
Memory Slot - 2/slot - 500cr
Bandwidth - 1/Gq/s - 350cr

Rent costs are as follows:
One-time Setup Fee: (Total Price)/2
Monthly Fee: (Total Price)/10

This also means that you can't have gateways that pay you for taking them ;)

I should also make aware that the Killers go up in version, too, and price jumps greatly with them. The higher versions allows the amount of time to be cut as (time/version)

Keep in mind that the list above is only what will be immediately availible to the player
Mas Tnega
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Postby Mas Tnega » Sun Sep 12, 2004 1:45 am

I was hoping it occured to you that doing that would be necessary. It's like the easiest way to get enough money to buy CPUs and shit.

Also, if it gets to a point where missions are actually impossible, like your 100000GHz Gateway can't beat Monitor Lvl 52 or something, can you overclock the processors so that you actually stand a chance? Or were you hoping that no one's sad enough to try playing that far.
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Postby Miah » Sun Sep 12, 2004 1:51 am

I was hoping the Hardware would also evolve, if need be. But do read that bit on the Killers also evolving ;)
Ozymandias IV
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Postby Ozymandias IV » Sun Sep 12, 2004 1:59 am

So I assume that this is Windows only, of course.
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Postby Miah » Sun Sep 12, 2004 2:25 am

I'm going to try to port immediately to Linux.

After that, I plan to plea-bargain with Ambrosia Software to get it ported to the Macintosh. I run on a Mac, personally, and am coding a lot of this on Virtual PC.
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Postby mauro » Sun Sep 12, 2004 5:38 am

where can i get this mod
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Postby edd8990 » Sun Sep 12, 2004 8:04 am

FOOKIN HELL if that isnt a Good lookin mod... Me wants!!!!!
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Postby ShadowWarrior » Sun Sep 12, 2004 8:59 am

Me too! :D
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Postby coolsi » Sun Sep 12, 2004 9:21 am

Ozymandias IV wrote:So I assume that this is Windows only, of course.

Don't complain, no one can make mods on Mac.
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Postby Darksun » Sun Sep 12, 2004 9:39 am

Go bug ambrosia and get them to release the source code
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Postby itax » Sun Sep 12, 2004 9:45 am

The thing i always missed was the option to copy real programs on a database and be able to sell it (except for the Agents List)
Like, you hack into lets say 'megacorp mainframe', there you find some interesting programs, you copy them into your hdd, decrypt them (+4) and then you log onto Warez World(or any other similar server)and you can sell them by:
-Setting up an auction and then random npc's bid on it (a bit like the job bb)
-Selling it directly to Warez World(or any other similar server)
-Trade it for other interesting stuff which you can trade for other stuff on other servers..

Sometimes the programs you copied can also be really used..

Another idea is to make txt files, which you open with notepad(notepad came from another Uplink mod where i can't remember the name from)
On some servers you can find txt files with source codes(which you can use for the c++ client)
Or maybe they contain supersecret server ip's
And yet again, you can sell this to Warez World(or any other similar server)

The biggest problem i encountered while thinking of this is the fact that you are able to copy the file a dozen times into your hdd and sell it a dozen times which isn't fair..
So we should make the files monstrously big(250gq)
Or we make it copy-protection abled..

So far my idea's

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