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Hehe... naïvity...

Posted: Tue May 25, 2004 7:45 pm
by Deepsmeg

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[19:36] <mYkErINoS> where are u from ?
[19:37] <Lockwood> Tough one...
[19:37] <Lockwood> Where are we from...
[19:37] <mYkErINoS> yes
[19:37] <Lockwood> well, when a man and a woman love each other a lot...
[19:37] <mYkErINoS> moste of the people on this server
[19:37] <Lockwood> they go to the pub and get ratted.
[19:37] <Lockwood> Then they jump on each other
[19:38] <Lockwood> 9 months later, the woman gives birth
[19:38] * Zeratul (DeViL@14055ad4.a55584.210.186.imsk) Quit (Killed (NickServ (Ghosted. By: nesta)))
[19:38] <Lockwood> and that's where we come from
[19:38] <mYkErINoS> ..
[19:38] <mYkErINoS> mhh
[19:38] * Zeratul (DeViL@14055ad4.a55584.210.186.imsk) has joined #Help
[19:38] * ChanServ sets mode: +o Zeratul
[19:38] <Lockwood> I could go into more detail if you'd like?
[19:39] <mYkErINoS> why not
[19:39] <mYkErINoS> i think i come from the cinema if u re threw
[19:39] <Lockwood> yes, you can do it in the cinema, usually at the back row
[19:39] <Lockwood> but in the car after going to the cinema is more common
[19:40] <mYkErINoS> mhh it depend
[19:40] <mYkErINoS> in france most of the people prefer the cinema
[19:40] <Lockwood> Remind me never to go to the cinema in France
[19:40] <mYkErINoS> i do
[19:40] <mYkErINoS> im french
[19:40] <Lockwood> Go to see a Disney film, and all you can hear is "HARDER! FASTER!"
[19:41] <mYkErINoS> i come from from a french cinema if you prefer
[19:41] <Lockwood> It'd be too distracting
[19:41] <mYkErINoS> sure
[19:42] * Lockwood imagines watching Star Wars in France...
[19:42] <mYkErINoS> its like every where
[19:43] <Lockwood> hold on... I'm imagining
[19:44] <mYkErINoS> where is you re cinema ?
[19:44] <Lockwood> Luke? Obi-wan tu a-t-il indiqué ce qui est arrivé à votre père?
[19:44] <Lockwood> Il m'a dit assez.  Il m'a dit que vous l'avez tué!
[19:44] <Lockwood> Non, Luke. Je -
[19:44] <Lockwood> HARDER!!!
[19:44] <mYkErINoS> Ouahh tu parles français :p
[19:44] <Lockwood> FASTER!!! OH OUI!!! OUI!!! OUI!!!
[19:45] <mYkErINoS> ou c du copié collé ?
[19:45] <Lockwood> je parle français un peu
[19:45] <Lockwood> and well done
[19:45] <@Zeratul> ?
[19:45] <Lockwood> you missed the point entirely
[19:46] <mYkErINoS> what u re nationality ?
[19:46] <mYkErINoS> i missed what ?
[19:46] <Lockwood> the point of what I was talking about...
[19:46] <Lockwood> I was making a "joke"

And to think!
I (Lockwood) used to be staff on that network!

Posted: Tue May 25, 2004 7:51 pm
by dunetrooper
Were you just really bored that day. Cause that really sounds like something you would do. :wink:

Posted: Tue May 25, 2004 7:56 pm
by poortwistedme
France eh?
*poortwistedme buys a trip to France

Posted: Tue May 25, 2004 7:59 pm
by Deepsmeg

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[19:47] <mYkErINoS> sorry i ve some trouble to understand english sometimes :p
[19:47] <Lockwood> *saves log*
[19:47] <Lockwood> *uploads to internet*
[19:47] <Lockwood> It's too hard to explain, maybe Zeratul might try?
[19:48] * [Brendan] ( has joined #help
[19:48] <mYkErINoS> is u re nationality secret ?
[19:48] <mYkErINoS> i don t know at all where am I
[19:48] <Lockwood> You are, erm...
[19:49] <Lockwood> in front of a computer?
[19:49] <[Brendan]> how do i close  my irc but its still open and put a password on it
[19:49] <Lockwood> mirc?
[19:49] <Lockwood> options -> general -> lock
[19:49] <mYkErINoS> me ?
[19:49] <mYkErINoS> yes i use mirc that was nt the question
[19:49] <mYkErINoS> ?
[19:50] <Lockwood> I was answering [Brendan]
[19:50] <Lockwood> because he asked a question that doesn't need a biology lecture
[19:50] <Lockwood> your question about where people come from requires a large dissitation about the reproductive system of mammals
[19:50] <mYkErINoS> ok
[19:51] <mYkErINoS> hmm
[19:51] <Lockwood> Which I do not feel like issuing at the moment
[19:51] * Zeratul (DeViL@14055ad4.a55584.210.186.imsk) has left #Help
[19:51] <mYkErINoS> where are u re feet ?
[19:51] <[Brendan]> i can`t find it
[19:51] <Lockwood> mYkErINoS: At the end of my legs
[19:51] <mYkErINoS> not mine
[19:52] <Lockwood> Lockwood's feet are at the end of Lockwood's legs
[19:52] <Lockwood> and are inside Lockwood's boots
[19:52] <mYkErINoS> .com.hmsk ?
[19:52] <Lockwood> [Brendan]: File->Options->General->Lock. It's right the way down the bottom of the treeview
[19:53] <mYkErINoS> what s this country ?
[19:53] <Lockwood> .hmsk means that the host is masked so little hackers can't do bad things
[19:54] <Lockwood> anyway, where did you think my feet were?
[19:54] <Lockwood> sticking out of my shoulders?
[19:54] <[Brendan]> its locked but i want to have the icon down in my tray
[19:55] <Lockwood> options->display->tray
[19:55] <mYkErINoS> i don t know where they could be
[19:55] <mYkErINoS> in france
[19:56] <mYkErINoS> we like to put them ..
[19:56] <mYkErINoS> it depend in fact
[19:56] <Lockwood> no, feet are always attached to your legs at the ankle...
[19:56] <Lockwood> Human anatomy is the same in all countries, I think
[19:57] <mYkErINoS> threw
[19:57] <mYkErINoS> i like how u speak
[19:57] <mYkErINoS> u have a good english
[19:57] <Lockwood> and you have bad English
[19:58] * [Brendan] ( Quit (Quit: [Brendan])
[19:58] <mYkErINoS> i know
[19:58] <mYkErINoS> im only 17
[19:58] <mYkErINoS> i learn it since 2 years
[19:58] <mYkErINoS> 3
[19:59] <Lockwood> im only 19
[19:59] <Lockwood> i learn it since 19 years
[19:59] <jj50sa> *loooks at Locky*
[19:59] <jj50sa> *knocks off the 9* i always wondered why ya spoke funny, mate?
[19:59] <mYkErINoS> are u english ?
[20:00] <jj50sa> Me?
[20:00] <Lockwood> yes
[20:00] <mYkErINoS> do u live in london ?
[20:00] <Lockwood> no
[20:00] <Lockwood> do you live in Paris?
[20:00] <mYkErINoS> :)
[20:00] <mYkErINoS> no
[20:00] <mYkErINoS> do u live in england ?
[20:01] <Lockwood> yes
[20:01] <mYkErINoS> ok

Posted: Tue May 25, 2004 8:14 pm
by Deepsmeg

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[20:02] * Lockwood uploads more logs...
[20:02] <Lockwood> well done, mYkErINoS.
[20:02] <Lockwood> You have been immortalised
[20:02] <mYkErINoS> it means ?
[20:02] <jj50sa> *grin*
[20:02] <mYkErINoS> that i ll never die ?
[20:03] <Lockwood> yep, you'll live forever in the hall of people who I've confused
[20:03] <mYkErINoS> thanks
[20:04] <mYkErINoS> but in the real world, in the world of the stupid people it means ?
[20:04] <Lockwood> absolutely bollocks all
[20:04] <mYkErINoS> that u liked me ?
[20:04] <Lockwood> I licked you?
[20:05] <Lockwood> NEVER say "licked" just after I say "bollocks"
[20:05] <Lockwood> NEVER EVER
[20:05] <mYkErINoS> what bollck means ?
[20:06] <mYkErINoS> (im sorry)
[20:06] <Lockwood> Heh, we're back to the reproduction bit
[20:06] <Lockwood> bollocks are the dangly thingies a man has
[20:06] <jj50sa> *grins*
[20:06] <Lockwood> not the long dangly thing, the 2 smaller ones
[20:08] <mYkErINoS> this server looks really different from all th stupid we have in france
[20:08] <jj50sa> From long dangly things to long dangly servers now?
[20:09] <mYkErINoS> what ?
[20:09] <Lockwood> maybe Lockwood's feet and mYkErINoS' bollocks could make contact?
[20:10] <jj50sa> *sighs, grinning*
[20:11] <jj50sa> *turns logs on*
[20:11] <Lockwood> The booted boney thing at the end of my leg will connect with the collection of dangly objects in your trousers
[20:11] <mYkErINoS> why would u do that ?
[20:12] <jj50sa> Hmmmmm... I'm going to disappear in a puff of yellow and green polka dotted smoke with orange stripes and pictures of pink unicorns on it now, as im about to go and have a shower =)
[20:12] <jj50sa> BRB all =)
[20:13] * jj50sa is now known as kamies`brb[shower
[20:13] * kamies`brb[shower is now known as kamies`brb-shower
[20:13] <Lockwood> because over here in England, it is considered a greeting
[20:14] <Lockwood> Next time you're in Paris, greet the English tourists by kicking them in the bollocks. They'll appreciate your knowledge of our customs
[20:14] <mYkErINoS> no doubt
[20:14] * Dan` ( has joined #help
[20:14] <Lockwood> La fois prochaine vous êtes à Paris, saluez les touristes anglais en les donnant un coup de pied dans les testicules. Ils apprécieront votre connaissance de nos coutumes.
[20:14] <Lockwood> seriously
[20:15] <mYkErINoS> oui j'ai compris
[20:15] <Lockwood> good
[20:15] <Lockwood> just thought I'd say it in French so you fully got my meaning
[20:15] <Lockwood> Promise me you'll do it?
[20:15] <mYkErINoS> i ll try
[20:15] <Lockwood> thanks

Posted: Tue May 25, 2004 8:23 pm
by Deepsmeg

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[20:17] <mYkErINoS> but i ve already been in england, nobody learnt me this stupid thing :p
[20:17] <mYkErINoS> but i ll do it in paris to the stupid tourists
[20:17] <Lockwood> It's a more formal greeting
[20:17] <mYkErINoS> just for the fun
[20:18] <Lockwood> if it's your friend, you just say hello and shake their hand, but if it's someone you've never met before, or a business partner, you use the formal greeting of kicking them in the bollocks
[20:18] <mYkErINoS> yes
[20:19] <mYkErINoS> let's past to something else
[20:20] <mYkErINoS> yes speak me about Sorcery
[20:20] <mYkErINoS> (tell me about)
[20:21] <Lockwood> Sorcery or SorceryNet? There's a big difference
[20:21] <Lockwood> Sorcery is a load of people in pointy hats casting spells
[20:22] <mYkErINoS> what s SorceryNet?
[20:22] <Lockwood> SorceryNet is this network
[20:22] * Dan` is in the wrong plac then :P
[20:22] <mYkErINoS> a network where u do sorcery ?
[20:22] <Dan`> Nope, just a name.
[20:22] <mYkErINoS> ohh
[20:23] * Dan` laughs as he curses mYkErINoS
[20:23] <mYkErINoS> i came just for this name :p
[20:23] <Dan`> Hehe
[20:23] <mYkErINoS> i thought Lockwood were a crazy sorcery man (i don t know ho to say)
[20:24] <Lockwood> I'm a crazy ex-sorcerynet man
[20:24] <Lockwood> I resigned
[20:24] <mYkErINoS> just crazy
[20:24] <mYkErINoS> i think
[20:24] <mYkErINoS> :p

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[20:20:43] <Deepsmeg> Am I approaching BOFH status?
[20:21:13] <NeoThermic> approching?
[20:21:14] <NeoThermic> haha
[20:21:22] <NeoThermic> past!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted: Tue May 25, 2004 8:26 pm
by Deepsmeg

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[20:27] <mYkErINoS> so .. after this stupid joke .. i decide to go ..
[20:27] <mYkErINoS> i think it s better for me
[20:27] <mYkErINoS> bye
[20:28] * mYkErINoS ( Quit (Quit: ( :: NoNameScript 3.8 :: ))

And that's that.

Posted: Tue May 25, 2004 8:33 pm
by dunetrooper
That's just plain weird. Funny, but weird. And why would you want to kick somebody in the bollocks or whatever it was?

Posted: Tue May 25, 2004 8:48 pm
by Darkshine
When you actually do something funny, can you let me know?

Posted: Tue May 25, 2004 8:49 pm
by Deepsmeg
Spot the grammatical error I made :(

Posted: Tue May 25, 2004 8:51 pm
by dunetrooper
Give us a hint?

Posted: Tue May 25, 2004 9:06 pm
by coolsi
You're off form at the moment, Deepsmeg.

Posted: Tue May 25, 2004 9:16 pm
by Deepsmeg
The Star Wars bit

Posted: Tue May 25, 2004 10:16 pm
by The cat
Oh, oook............................ :roll:

Est-ce que tu aimes le francais?
Je n'ai pas besion de parler francais dans ce forum, c'est pourquoi je ne veux pas poster ici. :mrgreen:

Posted: Wed May 26, 2004 9:17 am
by Deepsmeg
Luke? Obi-wan tu a-t-il indiqué ce qui est arrivé à votre père?

should have read

Luke? Obi-wan tu a-t-il indiqué ce qui est arrivé à ton père?