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Postby DuctMasta » Mon Oct 20, 2003 5:06 am

This thread is about books.  It would be nice if there wasn't any spam,  or at least less of it.  If you don't need to say anything,  then don't.  I just read an amazing book called Snow Crash,  I would recommend it to anybody.  Amazingly well written.  If you've read it,  then feel free to make an input about it.  I am interested to know what other people think about it.
And if you think this is a crap thread, then tell me.  So that I can learn what I should or should not do in the future.
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Postby einstein » Mon Oct 20, 2003 7:15 am

The thread has a nice idea... so ill contribute...

I didnn't really read this recently... it was a while back... but its a fantastic book - A Beautiful Mind by Sylvia Nasar.

I think it is perhaps one of the most gripping, and well written biographies I have ever read! I couldn't put it down!

Recommended read to everyone!

(other titles i recomend:
    * harry potter series
    * the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy
    * just about ANY john grisham book
    * just about ANY steven king book
    * TLOTR and the hobbit
    * and if your so inclinded, Criminal Law 3rd Ed., Jones & Christie_

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Postby BeC » Mon Oct 20, 2003 8:37 am

I recommend most of Stephen King's books :)
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Postby ToRmEnToR » Mon Oct 20, 2003 9:10 am

I'll recommend "Rodeside picnic" by the Strugatsky brothers. Probably the best science fiction novel I've read so far.
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Postby Stewsburntmonkey » Mon Oct 20, 2003 9:23 am

Snow Crash is good, I just finished another Neil Stephenson book, The Diamond Age a pretty good book too.  Other very good books:

Where Wizards Stay Up Late: The Origins Of The Internet

Hackers: Heroes of the Computer Revolution
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Postby poortwistedme » Mon Oct 20, 2003 1:29 pm

Teletubies coloring book

"The story of four friends - Dipsy, Tinky Winky, Laa-Laa, Po. They love to bump tummies and bottoms and make silly noises. They receive pictures on their tummies"

Edit: Oops just saw you didn't want any spam.
Well No Logo by Naomi Klein i think is a good book

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Postby Iris » Mon Oct 20, 2003 1:43 pm

"The Shockwave Rider" by John Brunner. I love this book. It was a novel written in the 1970s about a computer hacker in the 1980s which, of all the wierd things in this world, seems to be happening right now at this very minute. It's like the book of Nostradamus about the digital era.

And the entire "The Vampire Chronicles" series. I have a fascination for vampires, you know. Kinda wierd for a chick to be at a wanton for blood....
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Postby Phydaux » Mon Oct 20, 2003 1:48 pm

Yea, No Logo is good. Coercion by Douglas Rushkoff is good too.
Meada @ Media by John Meada is good too, it's an art book (computer graphics).

Good fiction books I've read recently are the Preludes to Dune, by K J Anderson, and B Herbert. I haven't read the Machine Crusade yet, but their others are great.
Greg Egan has some good stories too, much more contempaory aswell.
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Postby Coldfire26 » Mon Oct 20, 2003 1:56 pm

poortwistedme: yey! i love that book! i read it every day (OK, so i just looked at the pictures)

seriusly though, i'd like to recommend Wheel of time series  (by robert jordan), harry potter series (by J.K rowling) (specifically 1st, 3rd and 5th), any book by steven king
oh and one of my favorites, the phone book (1998)
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Postby Starfyre » Mon Oct 20, 2003 2:03 pm

Flowers for Algernon is a very emotional book, and everyone should have read it at least once :)
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Postby Hektik sniper » Mon Oct 20, 2003 2:47 pm

any of tom clancys, im currently reading his new one "the teeth of the tiger"
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Postby Jackmn » Mon Oct 20, 2003 4:42 pm

This week: Waiting for the Galactic Bus -- Seems to be really good, about 1/4 through it now.

Last week, "Lost" -- was a dissapointment, definitly not recommended.

Asimov's foundation series -- Classic books.
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Postby MJ » Mon Oct 20, 2003 5:09 pm

im reading D-Day by steven E abrose,  obviously about the dday landing etc. . . .  i luv history

brilliant book, im also making my own one, just a lil thing but its got alot o stuff in it  :)
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Postby ODDin » Mon Oct 20, 2003 6:50 pm

Quote: from ToRmEnToR on 9:10 am on Oct. 20, 2003[br]I'll recommend "Rodeside picnic" by the Strugatsky brothers. Probably the best science fiction novel I've read so far.

YAY! This IS an amazing book. I'd recommend just every single book of the Strugatsky brothers, but only a few are translated to English... (I'm currently working on translating the "Inhabited Island" to Hebrew myself. read it?)

Now, for my own suggestions:

- The Lord of the Rings / John R. R. Tolkien
- Player Piano / Kurt Vonnegut
- 1984 / George Orwell
- Animal Farm / George Orwell
- Brave New World / Aldous Huxley

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Postby ToRmEnToR » Mon Oct 20, 2003 7:05 pm

actually, roadside picnic is the only novel from the strugatsky brothers i read.

Animal Farm is also a great read.

i enjoy reading good books that tend to remind you just how tough and rigid and unforgiving can life be.  

lord of the rings gradually got boring , i stopped at the third book :\  i enjoyed reading "The hobbit", cuz it gets to the point much faster (insted of streaching it on and on).

i remember my mom reading Isaac Asimov's short stories back when i was a little kid, i still remember some of them, and i'll take the chance to also recommend Isaac Asimov's novels...

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