Uplink SoundMOD v1.0 has been RELEASED

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Postby 355 » Wed Jul 24, 2002 9:33 am

That's right, 3-days work has payed off, get your free copy of Uplink SoundMOD at Modlink.  Icepick will have the program ready for distribution sometime this afternoon.  And remember SoundMOD can only be found at Modlink as that was my first choice of premium means of distribution.  SoundMOD changes all sounds in Uplink v1.0/1.2 and backs up your existing sound settings in case you do not like the new sounds.  SoundMOD is free and only 6.15 MB in size, comes with an easy automated installer and self-executing batch file to complete all necessary installation procedures.  

SoundMOD has been thoroughly tested in-game and has been deemed 100% bug free.  Enhance your aural perception with this new Uplink addition.

Best Regards,

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Postby Icepick » Wed Jul 24, 2002 6:30 pm

Its there now! So everyone go to Modlink and Download it!!!!
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Postby The Shadow » Wed Jul 24, 2002 7:07 pm

Fixed it, if you read it.

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Postby FlamingDemon » Wed Jul 24, 2002 7:09 pm

Forget I said that (if you saw it), it wasn't there, now it is, strange!

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