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Postby Inevitable » Wed Mar 06, 2002 11:00 am

Hi! I have the demo version of Uplink, and I love it!
I am actually a real world cracker, although not great at it yet. I am mostly into cracking games using assembly language..or cracking a password file just for the fun of it. Now that I have! I love it.
This just feels like the game that I have been waiting for.

1. Is Uplink onsale in the stores?

2. Is the Bonus Disk?

3. Or do you have to buy on-line?

Once more..the demo is shit hot!
First time I logged on, I went straight to the TEST mission. Tried to hack it..whats this I have no password. I thought to myself, that I needed some software (I had already explored all links before I I knew where it was). Into the Uplink site. Bought myself a password cracker and a brand new Trace Tracker. Back to the TEST machine. Run my Trace Tracker. Run the password cracker...started to churn away. Oh no! The heat was on.shit they caught me. WHY? WHY!?
Then I realised..from watching to many films..that they had traced the call straight to me too quickly due to a straight connection. So I went into the geographical map..bounced it around and headed for the TEST machine..LETS SEE THEM CATCH ME NOW.
I was in and was shaking..quickly get the files and get out..beep beep beep...NO!
I was safe I got the files and disconnected in time..but what about the log files?
From there I hacked all sorts of stuff..but my favourite was the International Academic Databse or something..I forget the name. I hacked into it..change peoples grades, added some subjects to mine..deleted the logs and left. After I done this three times..just for kicks(no mission) It was on the news pages..there was an uproar. My mission to wreak havoc was succesful, I was famous..then my Neuromancer rating went to distrustful or something..I dont know I got tired.

That was my first experience and what an experience it was. After having played it to around 3 am in the morning..the demo disconnected me and told me I had reched the aquired levels etc.

I forget which level I was at..but I know I was higher than a Novice, and my Neuromancer rating was at distrustful or something like that. Thank you for listening.
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Postby Slider » Wed Mar 06, 2002 11:17 am

yeah, blablabla, oh yeah goodon ya, as i was sayin b4 the game should be more available in stores, like our pour fellar here who can't get the game, shame.
I recon the best thing about the game is for to to evade from my 56k and being able to download like 3 gigaquads in like 2 seconds, which for now o=impossible and which i find very motivating, imagine dowloading that much of movies, games, music or even pornos in just 2 small seconds, ahh the future, uh by the way mate, to get the game click on the BIG 'buy it'
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Postby Ravenshadow » Wed Mar 06, 2002 11:47 am

/me thinks Slider has been taking something

Its not out in the stores, no, there is a reason for this though (what would you prefer? A £15 game or a £30 cost for the same game?) - see the other posts regarding the matter.

As for the bonus disk, you can not buy it. You should read the FAQ about the bonus disk on the site. To get it, you must get someone else to buy the game for you to recieve a free copy of the bonus disk - of course, you could always just buy the game yourself a second time if you don't have any friends who would buy the game (has heard of other people who are going to do this).
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Postby Atomizer » Wed Mar 06, 2002 9:55 pm

Interesting, I was led to believe in some circles that one of the first things you don`t do as a cracker is admit to it.
 So this poor fool is either under some false impression that he`s a `cracker` or he seems to think it will impress someone if he says he is one.
 Oh to be 14 again and believe people are impressed by saying you`re a) a Satanist, b) a Vampire or c) a Cracker.
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Postby Miracleasd » Wed Mar 06, 2002 10:25 pm

drat, you have discovered my secret, i am a wampire and will suck....... your blood...... foolish.... ummm.... spoon wielder bwa ha ha ha ha ha.

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