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Posted: Mon Dec 24, 2001 7:01 pm
by neo007
i didn't receive any job offer from arc.. i tried hacking into arc mainframe.. i see ppl were downloading the virus off the file server on the mainframe on the log, but i just couldn't find it anywhere on the file server.. i then hacked into darwin research facility's mainframe, again.. revelation is nowhere to be seen on there..

is there anyway to download the virus from some server?

Posted: Mon Dec 24, 2001 7:05 pm
by Ravenshadow
Well, the only way you can get into the plot story line is to get it kicked off with the Dead Agent's email and then by attempting (note: read attempting carefully ;) ) to hack into the ARC Mainframe.
Once you have done this, ARC send you a letter of warning, though also offer you a job. A little later, Arunmor also send you an email offering you counter employment. This is where you get to choose your side.

Posted: Mon Dec 24, 2001 7:43 pm
by BlackStorm
I have version 1 of the Revelation virus. Where can I get the updated version? It sayd that v.3.0 is out right now. do i get it upgraded in a future mission?

      -BlackStorm :biggrin:

Posted: Tue Dec 25, 2001 2:46 am
by Icepick
If you are playing through the ARC route you get version 3 when you get the last mission.

Posted: Wed Jan 23, 2002 6:54 pm
by mHz
You can also get it on the Arunmor file server

Posted: Thu Jan 24, 2002 1:51 am
by Anarchist

You actually CAN get it before getting into the plot, but not a working version. See those logs on the ARC mainframe? They appear there as soon as the article in the news comes up that a top agent working for ARC commit suicide. (so watch the news carefully!)
For any crafty hacker who wants to investigate this "sucide", they can attempt to trace those logs on the ARC mainframe to the source...


[you've been warned]

Once you  complete the trace (if you're good enough to be able to do that, anyway), you'll find the messege that the now-dead hacker is going to send and the RevelationCore. Here, you get an option of two alternate ways to get into the plot: delete the messege the dead hacker wanted to send, and instead of the messege going out and you having to hack ARC, ARC will send you an e-mail thanking you for doing a VERY big favor for them and asking you to work for them. Or, you can download RevelationCore and instead of having to hack ARC's mainframe once the e-mail is sent out, ARC will e-mail you warning you about messing with their private matter and offering you employment.
From there, the missions go on as usual, but it's interesting nonetheless.

And don't yell at me for posting spoilers. I marked them clearly enough for anyone who would wish to figure this out on their own.

Posted: Thu Jan 24, 2002 5:47 pm
by Chronus
Where is this Virus?

Posted: Thu Jan 24, 2002 7:30 pm
by Adriac
Closer than you can possibly imagine...

Posted: Tue Jan 29, 2002 5:54 pm
by Chronus
So where is the virus exectly?

Posted: Tue Jan 29, 2002 7:07 pm
by ROBOJesus
Quick Question: About how long after you refuse the ARC job does Arunmor contact you? I've waited around 2 weeks and still havn't been contacted.

Also, after I get the dead agent letter, I hack into ARC, copy all the files, then crash the server. Uplink is tracking Revelations progress but I can't seem to find a version (maybe because I crashed the mainframe, but then how would any versions exsist?). I checked the Internal Services Machine and it didn't have a copy (but checking the logs it did say some unknown source downloaded a version - but no IP, log undeleter didn't work). Any tips on what I should do?

Posted: Wed Jan 30, 2002 12:45 am
by Alfador
You're supposed to accept the ARC job, then not do it. Arunmor will contact you minutes after the ARC mission comes up--my first time, it happened just as I was clicking my bounce route in preparation to actually do it. (P.S. I took the Arunmor line that game. I'm currently working on an ARC-route character. :biggrin: )

Posted: Wed Jan 30, 2002 5:53 am
by ROBOJesus

*Hits Head on Desk*

Now can anyone tell me why ARC, the so called "anti-capatalist cyber-anarchy group" is a corporation, and publicly trades shares (at a very high price too)?

Posted: Wed Jan 30, 2002 8:29 am
by Alfador
It's a front. They're into the Internet as "a necessary evil, for now..." because how else would they destroy it, other than by going through it? Mwa ha ha ha ha!!!

Posted: Wed Jan 30, 2002 7:17 pm
by Chad Mulligan
Say, Revelation 1.0 doesn't spread, does it?  After completing the Arunmor plot line, and getting rather bored trying to a) reach rank 3 while b) preserving Neuromancer rating (the high-difficulty, slightly interesting missions -- tracing, framing, removing -- all seem to be considered evil), I decided to try a little Revelation outbreak of my own.  Tried 5 systems w/ Rev 1.0; no spreading.  10 systems... again, fizzle.  Can one demolish the Internet without ARC?  (Or, alternately, are there any "good" difficulty 8+ missions?)

Posted: Wed Jan 30, 2002 10:33 pm
by Alfador
Copying or deleting huge databases seems to be "good." Also destroying Central Mainframes for a company mission is "good;" I don't know about simply doing it on your own. Oddly enough, though, using Revelation on the Arunmor ISM is "evil." (MaidenFlight) Maybe it's just working for ARC that's truly evil...

And no, Revelation 1.0 doesn't spread. Curiously enough, though, there are TWO flavors of Revelation 1.0. The first one, you get from ARC if you reply to their first message to you. The second, you get from Arunmor's File Server for (I think) the "TakeMeToYourLeader" mission. The original can be run locally (and works as a handy substitute for a Gateway Self-Destruct). The other one can't be run locally and is (IIRC) 1 Gq smaller. Neither spreads.