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Postby Hackman » Sun Nov 04, 2001 7:39 pm

Ok first of all,  when i finish the mole mission ,  about a week after .. the game stalls ... leaving it completely useless....   i will try finishing more missions , before this one ...    but it currently hangs .. thank god i copy copying my .usr file over and over ... cuz the game bugged so many times .. i feel like quiting it .. but its so fun ..  

Also:  the following missions keep giving me a error , and crash out of the game...  :

employer:  Micro Inc.
Task: steal and copy files
from: Protovision internal services machine
to: Micro inc file server
task is done , i reply ..  games crashes...

same for :

Employer : Sync associates
task: copy source code database
from: Matrix Network internal services machine
to : sync associates file server
again, task is done .. i reply .. games crashes

Employer: Resonate associates
task: steal research documents
from: Concerto microsystems central mainframe
to:  Resonate associates file server

this one i couldn't do .. because i can't find a level 10 decrypter .. i guess its lying around in some computer , i'll find it :)

For transfers / donation ...  

Always reply right after you transfered the money ,  and before you remove the statements ...    i find this will help a lot ,  receiving your pay ..    And also .. it's best to always let the text scroll to the end .. because , say you reply for a mission , but you quickly click reply/send ..  without the full email written , you won't get your pay ....

For people looking for that mole mission , here's a pointer , and not a spoiler :  Programs stolen from sites, (usually red in your memory banks) can be executed as regular programs..   often in the "other" menu  ...  

*****mole mission spoiler :

It's probably posted here somewhere , but here's everything i did : I hacked uplink internal service system,  copied and decrypted all agent_list or agent_data files ...    the list then appears in the "other" menu .. from there you see everybody , but 4 ppl ...   jail everybody  .  for say :
credit card fraud
unlawful access of classified data
parole broken

any 2 crimes , and parole broken will get them to jail in 3 hours ...   after a couple of weeks , you should get news from Citylink Tech.  offering 10c , and asking you to u/l that file to their server ..    do it , for 45800c  and the mole mission is complete ,  you get the award in your status

end of spoiler*****

what was the backfire award?   i got it , without noticing....

fiou!   that's it

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Postby HeavyArms » Fri Nov 09, 2001 9:16 am

Is jailing everyone a prerequisite for the mole job?  I had the data, then deleted it ... takes up a lot of space.  

If any was able to get this "award" by just getting the data, please let me know.  I don't feel like going and jailing everyone.

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Postby DoubleA » Fri Nov 09, 2001 4:10 pm

i belive the backfire mission is turning down ARC and working for the other corp.
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Postby Zbaco_uplink » Fri Nov 09, 2001 4:47 pm

This thread should really be moved over to the Full Game section...but I'll reply anyways.


No, you don't have to jail anyone.  All you need to do is copy all the files onto your computer, and wait a week or so.  You will then receive emails from a lot of the corporations offering lots of money for those files.  So, you have to choose: keep your integrity and refuse to sell them, or sell the files and sell out your fellow agents?

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Postby Icepick » Fri Nov 09, 2001 5:51 pm

if they didnt want to be jailed they shouldnt be hacking
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Postby HeavyArms » Fri Nov 09, 2001 7:54 pm

Do you get the award either way ... or only if you sell out your fellow agents?

Aside from this, I understand
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Postby Zaptan » Fri Nov 09, 2001 9:17 pm

they are not jailed they are Killed  ;)
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Postby Icepick » Sat Nov 10, 2001 3:06 am

the people in your copy of uplink must be alot harsher than in mine, they we're all arrested in mine, except one
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Postby AHardyBoy » Sat Nov 10, 2001 8:51 am

You guys are weak.  I had them all deported.  You have to hack the game, to find the Global Immigration and Naturalization Services Database.  

As for the comment, "if they didnt want to be jailed they shouldnt be hacking," that's like saying, If you don't want to win then you shouldn't play tennis.  I don't know why, but you can never win at tennis.  I hate tennis.  People get so exhausted playing it, and there is really no physical exercise wasted besides the running thing.  As for strategy, a tennis player's strategy is based on bookie's and luck.  There are more foul tennis games in Europe than chickens in Arkansas.  I do like Chick-Fil-A though.  They make a really good Chicken sandwich, which as it is my understanding they invented.  I invented staples and velcro.
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Postby Jaygee » Tue Apr 13, 2004 5:39 pm

You guys are weak. I had them all deported. You have to hack the game, to find the Global Immigration and Naturalization Services Database.

How do you do this?
But do you have the questions is perhaps a better question. Only when you know the right questions to ask can you have any hope of getting the answers you desire.
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Postby Mas Tnega » Tue Apr 13, 2004 5:49 pm

AHardyBoy did using the ancient art of lying their arse off.

As for "If you don't want to win, you shouldn't play tennis", that's not a particularly valid equivalent of Icepick's comment. "Don't do the crime if you can't do the time" is far closer.

Also, in my Uplink, the news says the agents are murdered.

edit: What the hell? This thread is ancient. Jaygee, you suck.
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Postby coolsi » Tue Apr 13, 2004 6:06 pm

Please stop bumping ancient topics, JayGee...
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