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Postby PwR900 » Sat Aug 11, 2001 7:17 pm

It would be very nice to have scroll bars in the menus, can you do that :)
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Postby QuBe » Sun Aug 12, 2001 2:46 pm

Yeah! Or at least, allow a right-click on the arrows to scroll one full page, or to allow some dragging of the contents (i.e. click-and-drag).
Now, for some other suggestions (this is a long, long post, be warned, and pardon my english : I'm french :) :

SHORTCUTS everywhere!
Remember that the success of Starcraft was partly due to its shortcuts?
That's how I see it :

-First, replacements for buttons : when you put your mouse no some non-editable button, pressing Ctrl-[key] stores the shortcut ; next, pressing Shift and that key when the mouse is not over a control will recall it.
We could use it on the Programs menu, for the Disconnect button, for raising the Personal Status/Memory Banks/etc. menu.
It's no use waiting for the Programs menu to pop up, go to File Utilities, selecting File Deleter, when you could just have to press Shift-'d'. Replying to a mail, once a mission accomplished (provided the mail is open on the screen) : Shift-R and Shift-S And disconnecting with Shift-Esc would just be uber-cool.

-Second, generated shortcuts for the options you can shoose from a WebSite menu, once connected :
_Browse (B underlined)
_Admin (with the A underlined)
..and then, if A is selected
_Logs (L underlined)
_Console (C underlined)
This time, typing the letter without Shift (maybe with Alt, but this could mess with actual system shortcuts) would do the trick.

-Third, shortcuts for getting the 'focus' for keyboard input on the WebSites filter, or on the ip address for the IP Probe. [Tab] could switch from an editable control to another.

-Fourth, digits (1 to 0) to open the email messages. And please show some distinctive data from the message (I don't know, a different icon depending on the type of mission, maybe, or an icon per sender...). And you should show all of these shortcuts in the help message. Well, I use to accept up to 9 mission contracts at a time so that, a) : I can  fulfil multiple missions at once when connected to a Site that has been targeted many times, and b) by asking money before accepting the missions, I have more money to setup for the missions...

VISUAL clues and changes
-Allow a click-and-drag of the IP Lookup program on the logs, so that we don't have to manually copy the IP numbers in IP Lookup's window.
-Allow IP Lookup to be moved (it appears on top of the mails if you have more than some - quite annoying)
-Allow the missions to be sorted by date, or type, on clicking on the column headers.
-Show only the necessary text on the world map. When I have fifteen sites to bounce through, it is sometimes hard to say which dot relates to which name. So, just write 'Uplink' if there is only one Uplink site shown on the map, 'Uplink test' and 'Uplink International' if only the Uplink test machine and the Uplink International Bank are shown, 'Alfa' if there is only one Alfa site, 'Alfa Public' and 'Alfa Terminal' if those two sites only are available... You get the point, I think.
-Allow bypassing those 'useless' screens (after 15 times, you know them by heart...), for example the one you get after a disconnect, where you just have to click 'ok' or hit [Enter].

FEATURES most suggested
-The world map could/should 'remember' and show (maybe with the appropriate HUD improvement) the sites where logs have been left during an intrusion, which ones have been followed up during the trace, and which ones may lead a successful passive trace to you O puny hacker.
-Allow the removing of a site from a connection plan by clicking again or right-clicking...PLEAAAASE! It's sooo boooring to have to cancel and do it all again from scratch just because a click missed!
-Loading and saving more than one connection, giving the names. One connection for hacking, one for deleting the redirection logs of the previous one, and one to modify the logs of the previous 'delete logs' connection, for example. Who said, "it's not because you're paranoid that they're not after you"... ?
-When you are in the logs, show the name instead of the IP Adresses for those IPs that are known. If you add the previous feature about IP Lookup, it would add much fun : once in the logs, drag IP lookup on a 'deleted files' log, see the name of the machine appear, say "Oho, So it seems someone from [hostile company here] has been tampering with these logs... Let's undelete them, just for fun.".

Those requests originate in the fact that I write down on paper every site I bump through, and usually bump through sites that I will attack later, so that I can during later hacks delete the logs related to the previous ones. It takes a lot of paper to remember all these... But at least that way I am certain no one will ever get back to me.

-Allow a quick-connect to the sites for which we have just one access login/password. For example, right-clicking on Uplink International Services would connect under the current Login/password.

Well, that's all - for now. That is, I had other suggestions but I forgot them just now. And I have many game-related ideas, but those may be only useful for Uplink 2...

And by the way, the interface is just great!

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