Kitchens are super inefficient

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Kitchens are super inefficient

Postby Protoplaste » Wed Sep 19, 2018 12:58 pm

There is a problem with kitchen workflow design, mainly why do I have to hire 100 cooks so that they can each run around with a single potato, for one it looks ridiculous, and second it creates problems in big prisons with high meal quality policy. With that policy the cooks need to carry around 3 ingredients per prisoner, so in a prison with 1000 prioners the kitchen needs to generate 3000 tasks to carry single ingredient to a cooker. This could use a rework not only because it looks ridiculous, but it's also hard on the cpu.

The simplest solution I see would be to add a preperation table to the mix. The preparation table would sit between the fridge and the cooker in the meal preparation proces and would look something like this:

1) Cook takes a stack of ingredients to the preparation table
2) Cook works at the preparation table and after a while turns a whole stack of ingredients into a raw meal
3) Cook takes the raw meal and puts it onto a cooker
4) Cook works at the cooker turning raw meal into cooked meal
5) Cook takes cooked meal to the canteen

This would mean that the kitchen operates on stacks and not on single ingredients, making it much more efficient and require a sensible amount of cooks to operate.

There would need to be some changes to how the kitchen calculates how many meals to prepare, it would have to calculate how many stacks to prepare instead on the exact number of ingredients needed so there would always be a little extra food left (which would be realistic)

Unfortunately it is also game breaking, and I dont't see any way for it not to be.

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