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Trucks bottlenecking big prisons

Posted: Wed Sep 19, 2018 12:28 pm
by Protoplaste
There is a problem with the way trucks operate, mainly they can only deliver 8 items per truck, and trucks only spawn every 10 min, so that puts an arbitrary limit on how many items can be delivered to, or exported from prison. Currently that limit is at 40 items/h, and that is not enough for a big prison with workshops, it's annoying becouse even if i have a perfect delivery system, so that every truck is unloaded and loaded as fast as possible there still be hours if not days until everything is delivered, and after that, there is a similarly huge line of prison buses, and i can't do anything about it. I can see 3 ways of fixing it:

1) Bigger trucks. Make trucks carry more that 8 items, maybe cover the top of the truck and spawn boxes on top of each other as in real trucks (you don't have to make them look any longer)

2) More trucks. Make trucks spawn more often then every 10 min, players already can make delivery and exports so that they can handle multiple trucks at the same time.
(also make truck spawn time independant of game time so that the deliveries aren't painfuly slow with the slow time mutator on)

3) Bigger stacks. Make it so that inside the truck the stacks are as big as they need to be to fit all the required supplies of each category in single stack and then separate them on unloading (e.g. truck brings a stack of 100 potatoes and another stack of 100 eggs and workmen unload the truck taking standard 20 stacks out each time)

Also prison buses should be able to carry more than 8 prisoners.

I hope that this gets fixed someday, this really makes bigger prisons arbitrally more difficult to operate, and impossible if you have the slow delivery mutator on.