Electrical Cable NO ROUTE Error

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Electrical Cable NO ROUTE Error

Postby WxInsanity » Tue Jun 19, 2018 5:08 pm

I put a YouTube link at the bottom, it's a short video of my struggling to install electrical cables in my prison. Clearly, there are routes that are available, the workmen walk right over the little red squares WITH THE CABLES IN THEIR HANDS but do not install. Also, I can install a cable in a square, dismantle the cable, then get a no route error when I try to install it again in the exact same place. It's totally stupid, and I have been looking for a solution for hours. Saving/Loading does nothing, and installing a door where the wall is open does nothing. Changing the whole new expansion to a storage room (allowing the workers to fill the whole space, even storing the cables in the room) does nothing. What on earth can I do?


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