My truck is rolling way... - Glitch

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My truck is rolling way... - Glitch

Postby WolfScratch » Sat Apr 14, 2018 3:12 am

I've discovered another interesting glitch.

You may have noticed, if you define a delivery zone, then erase it as soon as a truck spawns, it'll drive away without stopping. This is normal. However, if you wait until the truck stops and the driver leaves, getting rid of the delivery zone will cause the truck to roll away, without the driver, who then proceeds to run after it.

I'm actually not sure it's really a glitch, since both entities leave the map and despawn anyway, but I think that it would make the game slightly better if the truck waited for the driver before driving off on its own...

Let me know if anyone else noticed this.

- WolfScratch

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