Save = Crash

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Save = Crash

Postby Nibejeebies » Fri Mar 23, 2018 10:37 pm

Hey guys, Im Nibejeebies, Ive been a Warden since alpha 8. Ive never had any major issues that I couldn't figure out on my own but recently Ive been having a very annoying problem.

IT seems that I now Have a 50% chance of a crash when I manually save or when an auto save goes through.

I assumed this was a mod issue, and I disabled and removed all mods however this is still happening even with all the mods turned off.

Attempted to play a completely new prision with out mods, still crashing 50% of saves.

I verified the game files via Properties>Local Files> Verify everything is good.

I deleted the file titled Preferances.txt (C:>User>Username>Appdata>Local>Introversion>PrisionArchitect

Ive attempted to run the game with Norton Antivirus completely disabled and no other programs running other than Steam

Here is my system details:
Alienware 17
Processer- i7 4710mq @2.50GHz
Ram- 16gb

Im at a loss of what to attempt at this point. Any suggestions would be appricated.

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