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[Suggestion] Ability to Name Rooms

Posted: Sat Jan 27, 2018 8:32 pm
by WolfScratch
Whilst managing a large prison, one my want to have the ability to organize different parts of their facility with names.

These are the specific changes I am suggesting:

- Rooms would need to have their own menus, similar to object menus. (Example: 'Rename', 'Reset Name', 'Close'.)
- The default names for each room would reflect their type. (Example: 'Cell 78', 'Warden's Office', 'Staff Canteen 3'.)
- After naming a room, it would appear to have a different name, however, the default name could be restored. (Example: 'Cell 7' renamed 'Suite' could be reset to 'Cell 7'.)
- Rooms properties would not be altered in any way, except visually. (Example: A kitchen renamed to 'Security' will still be a kitchen.)

This change would be a nice feature to have. I do think it could prove quite valuable.