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Set Staff Priorities

Postby Kilyle » Sun Dec 31, 2017 11:28 am

I really have no idea what sort of hierarchy my staff are using, but I'd like to be able to set Policy options about what my staff ought to be doing.

For example, "Prioritize Mail Distribution." So that the guards who aren't doing other things will mosey on over to the mail rooms and sort through mail faster.

Or "Prioritize Laundry Service." So that the janitors will stop trying to contain the mess that happens because prisoners have Hygiene problems, and focus on ensuring that each prisoner has a clean set of clothes, thus reducing the amount of cleaning necessary as the prisoners run around making messes from poor Hygiene. (Ideally, I'd be able to specify "Blood > Laundry > Other Stuff.")

Or "Prioritize Utilities." So that workers will stop chopping wood and start installing pipes. Or, on the flip side, "Prioritize Forestry" (that may not be the best terminology -- it should work even if you don't have a Forestry indicated), so that workers will stop installing pipes and chop trees and transport logs fast enough for my Workshops to have some supplies to work with.

Just give us a list of priorities for each set of staff, maybe up to three per set. Checkboxes or dropdowns or lists or whatever.

Janitors: Clean Bloodstains, Distribute Laundry, Clean Canteens, then everything else.

Workers: Install Utilities, Chop/Move Wood, Install Toilets, then everything else.

Guards: Anyone not stationed or attending to injured/starving prisoners or intake should Sort Mail, Search (anything I've indicated), Take Breaks (until their Needs are below a certain level), then everything else (so they're not trying to accomplish all the tasks in a low-efficiency state). Whenever Take Breaks is on the priority list, guards who have dealt with their Needs (gotten them below a fairly low threshold) should automatically swap into the rotation if the "take breaks" percentage has been met, thus allowing the guards with higher needs to get their chance to hit the staff room.

I'd also like to be able to use "Consolidate" as a general priority. Like, consolidate laundry into baskets or stacks. Consolidate mail into satchels, ready for delivery. Consolidate pipes or concrete so they can be moved to the work area faster and more efficiently. Consolidate logs into stacks so they can be moved to the Workshop more efficiently. Consolidate wooden planks or metal plates so they can be moved to the workshop areas (or exports) more efficiently. Whatever. It bugs me when these things can be stacked up to very high numbers, but instead are sitting there taking up a lot of visual (and possibly actual) space because each stack has just a tiny amount in it.

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