Babies of Dead Mothers Should Be Picked Up by Family (if possible)

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Babies of Dead Mothers Should Be Picked Up by Family (if possible)

Postby Kilyle » Fri Dec 08, 2017 3:26 am

Storing a baby on a hearse is just horrifying. Even assuming the family picked the kid up offscreen, the idea of a baby trying to nurse on its mother's dead body until the family can get the kid is... brrr. Or just sitting there crying until released.

When a mother who dies has a family, the family should come in to claim the baby. And the prison should get an extra hefty fine to pay for the kid's therapy or upbringing or whatever.

Also, once the mom's dead, the baby should be treated as a separate unit, dealt with separately -- picked up by a guard and kept in Reception or a Staff Room or whatever until the family comes by to claim them (or Social Services, if there's no adults in the family). This keeps the guard out of circulation until the baby is taken care of. (Possibly the kid might need to be fed milk in the staff room?)

Also also: Dead bodies should be put into body bags. Seriously. Unless this is a factor of the Morgue that I haven't made yet? Having the exhausted guard slowly drag the dead body through crowds and two kitchens was particularly hilariously morbid, and I intend to post the footage on my YouTube channel as soon as I can whip up some good annotations.

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