Laundry view and performance

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Laundry view and performance

Postby ulix » Tue Jun 21, 2016 11:50 am

In laundry view, you can basically see everything, all the prisoners and almost all the furniture, doors, etc. You also see the prisoner deployment.
Yet the game runs a lot better. In my prison with almost 1k prisoners this is how the performance is for me:

Normal view: 5 ingame minutes take 12 seconds.
Laundry view: 5 ingame minutes take 7 seconds.

So basically performance almost doubles, which is great in big prisons, yet you can still basically see everything important that's going on.

So is there a mod or something that gives me this or a similar view, but without the laundry info? That would be great. And why is this even happening in the first place?

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