Removing the "Total prison lockdown" for executions

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Removing the "Total prison lockdown" for executions

Postby titicz » Tue Apr 19, 2016 8:19 am

This is a copy of the thread I made on the Steam forums, someone told me to post it here, here is the original link:


So I was recently executing on of my inmates that I converted to Death Row, I usually don't take Death Row inmates because with 1307 inmates, it's kinda hard to lock the whole prison down.

So I thought about this, why not remove this for big prisons, or make it an option in the game settings.

Because it's really hard to lock the whole prison down, I try at night, when all my prisoners are sleeping, it is always stuck at 99% and if I wait too long my prisoners start rioting.

And, I don't know why they added this in first place. Because, I thought maybe they need the prisoners to be far away from him, well, he has his own building, his cell is next to the execution chamber, there is one tile in between. It is surrounded by perimeter walls, there is a security office near it....
After that, I thought, maybe it isn't about the prisoner, but about the witnesses, the Warden... But they take a route that's quite protected, none of my wardens have been killed yet nor witnesses....

So yeah, please do a mod (someone was kind enough to do this, unfortunately, it doesn't give you the 10k grant, but when you run a prison with 30k income you don't care ... =668648013) to remove it, or just put an option to disable it in the settings, devs :).

Thanks for reading this,
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Re: Removing the "Total prison lockdown" for executions

Postby wolfthecreator1 » Mon May 09, 2016 7:24 pm

I do agree with this. If your going to have a lock down then have the death row cell block locked down.
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Re: Removing the "Total prison lockdown" for executions

Postby dapullia » Fri May 13, 2016 3:02 am

Hate to break it to you but this is real life protocol as well. Here is how I handle it. Remember whats going on......You have to march visitors through your prison to the Death Chamber. Like hell do you want prisoners to be free during this time. Think about the publicity if a visitor gets knocked off. Also you don't want to give prisoners the option to disrupt the execution. Most real prisons lock down 6 hours before the execution. The game does not know if you have a safe outside entrance for executions or not. I would like to see something similuar to visitation booths for the execution chamber so you could create viewing rooms which had no access to the rest of the prison and I could agree with you but then again, do you really need to have to send your guards running off with the press there to beat down a trouble maker.

1. Don't schedule executions during the day.
2. Don't schedule executions where it will take a long time for prisoners to return to their cells.

1. Adjust your sleep schedules if required to allow for a window to conduct executions during sleep periods as the prisoners are locked down anyway.
2. Conduct your executions in the wee hours while the prisoners are locked down already in their cells for sleep (instant lock down).
3. Place your Death Row in close proximity to the upper right of your prison by the road (minimizes prep time).
4. Place your offices for required staff members as close to Death Row as possible (minimizes prep time).
5. Place your Death Chamber close to your Death Row cells (faster escort time).
6. Consider placing a death row cell that directly connects to the execution chamber (Death Watch Cell, though you cannot label it as such) and move the prisoner to this cell as they get close to their date with ole sparky.

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