Shifts, Briefing, Breaks, Supervisors, Guard Contraband

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Shifts, Briefing, Breaks, Supervisors, Guard Contraband

Postby Navarro » Wed Apr 13, 2016 8:47 pm

I just posted this within the bug tracker in reply to Bossie's recommendation for staff shifts to be added to the game, but it's occurred to me that the bug tracker might not be the place for suggestions, so I've decided to copy/paste what I wrote to here:

If the developers are willing to implement shifts, might I also suggest including briefing rooms, where incoming guards can be informed of the events which occurred since their last shift. The effect can be that the guards which are roaming without assignments will tend to concentrate their time in trouble areas. For instance, hanging out where fights are breaking out, where contraband is being thrown over the walls, near the toilets of dorms where recent escape attempts occurred, etc.

Then if you're going to do that, you might want to think about allowing incoming guards to be searched by the currently on duty guards. Staff love to bring in contraband for the inmates in real life. Could give them a locker room for them to change out've their civilian clothes and into uniforms and could allow locker rooms to be searched for contraband and guards arrested on the extremely rare occasion when it's found. They could then be escorted out and hauled off by police. Could also have guards showing up late for work, or not showing up at all - be they sick for a day, or quitting, and needing replacement.

Most of that would be trivial, but I would like to see shifts, briefing rooms, and also supervisors. You could either hire supervisors, promote current guards to supervisors like how we can currently change an inmates security level, or preferably have the option of doing either. Could allow for specific ranks - sergeants, lieutenants, captains. So, a sergeant would pacify nearby prisoners, lieutenants would more so, and captains even more than that. The highest ranking incoming supervisor could lead the briefing.

Then if you're going to do all that, you might as well fix the break situation in game. Everyone should be manning their assigned posts until properly relieved for break, if a unit of the correct type is available. So, you could then have snipers waiting at their towers until another sniper comes along to relieve them for break, if you have more snipers than guard towers, as said earlier. Guards will also wait until properly relieved for breaks, if there's an unassigned guard or a supervisor available. The sergeant could wait until properly relieved if another unassigned supervisor is available. The lieutenant could wait for proper relief if another lieutenant or captain is available. The captain could wait for relief if another captain or chief is available. Naturally, the entire shift would then wait for proper relief by the incoming shift before making a run for the gate, or locker room then gate, should the locker room exist.

Supervisors could hang out in the security office when not assigned to anything, if they're not assigned a patrol, stationed somewhere, or responding to an incident. There's lots and lots of stuff that could be done, if going the realism route. As I said, I'd love to see shifts, briefing and supervisors in particular.
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Re: Shifts, Briefing, Breaks, Supervisors, Guard Contraband

Postby wolfthecreator1 » Mon May 02, 2016 9:12 pm

I agree with this. It would be awesome if guards could have shifts briefing and more. It would make the game more realistic. :D :)

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