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HACK: Getting all staff/entities to open doors.

Posted: Mon Jan 11, 2016 12:41 am
by JASPer.Gamer.9.0
I have found how to make not only guards but all staff/entities open doors!!!

First of all, find the .prison which you want to change.
Find the following lines (top of file):

Code: Select all

EnabledElectricity   true 
EnabledWater         true 
EnabledFood          true 
EnabledMisconduct    true 
EnabledDecay         true 

After those lines, add this line (copy and paste to get it right!):

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OnlyGuardsOpenDoors     false

NOTE: I haven't tested whether loading a prison then saving again keeps that line. Please check yourself.
NOTE2: I found this hack in the .prison files for campaign. Although I also found ImmediateFoundations,Terrain, and Object, those didn't work for me when tested...

Hope you have fun, Jasper