[Suggestion] Multiple category zones

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[Suggestion] Multiple category zones

Postby ginger_ninja » Sun Dec 06, 2015 11:06 am

One thing I would really like to see added is the possibility to share deployment areas between mulitple prisoner types.

For example. I have a mixture of medium and low risk prisoners, who I don't mind keeping together in my main part of the prison.
But I always want to keep my protected custody prisoners in a specific part of the jail. Therefore, I have not set the main part as "medium sec only". But the protected part is obviously set "protected only". I find that when the protected prisoners have yard time, they are likely to use the shared yard, even though they have their own. Plus, I would like them to stay away from the shared chapel and library in their free time.

Therefore, I would love to define my main area as "Medium and low sec only". Does anyone else see this as a nice addition?
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Re: [Suggestion] Multiple category zones

Postby mycho » Sat Dec 12, 2015 2:45 pm

I would like that as well. Maybe it could be implemented by check-boxes in every room and area you see in the deployment view. I would make the check-boxes checkable with green, red or no ticks, green meaning allowed access, red meaning off limits and no tick as a default, as it is when you dont assign anything.
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Re: [Suggestion] Multiple category zones

Postby _alphaBeta_ » Sun Dec 13, 2015 4:08 am

This is one of my biggest issues with the game presently. The only workaround is to create "airlocks" all over your prison leading into buildings and areas where shared access is desired. In this case, you'd have to ensure that prisoners have to pass through two tiny and parallel areas separated by doors; one for min security and one for medium security. While this functionally seems to work, in the context of the late alpha builds the available capacity numbers didn't understand the player's intent. With a small prison it's no big deal, but it becomes quite an issue if you want to know how many available cells for each security type you have in your massive prison.

I agree with the checkboxes or some way to specify multiple areas simultaneously. I really hope this makes a final release someday. The current system can be quite limiting.
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Re: [Suggestion] Multiple category zones

Postby BlueTiger12 » Mon Aug 20, 2018 10:00 pm

This suggestion seems a little bit rusty, but this also bugged me out for some years now. Love this game, but prisoner deployment seems so stiff.
Especially for a small prison, zoning a complete wing as protective custidy or SuperMax means usualy a lot of empty cells.
Also if i want for example to let Min, Mid and Max sec work in the kitchen for Max and SuperMax canteen, it means more airlocks and pathways then i can imagine. :D

I thought for a long time and thought, maybe it would be possible to change things the following ways:
Min, Med, Max, Protected, Supermax, Death-Row, Visitors, Unlocked and Access Only could be commulative.
If one of the above would be specified, the are should turn a little more grey, to indicate, that staff is also allowed.
Therefore also a staff area with unlocked doors (for construction and so on) would be possible.

So all prisoners restrictions would be possible, and also it would be possible to have doors unlocked and still prisoner restictions.
This would also account for better routes for your visitors.

I thought a lot about this and here is my proposal (i mde 2 pictures, one before and one after)

The first shows the deployment who it is, the second how i would imagine it.

There i can separate the protective custidy from the dangerous boys, without "wasting" a whole dorm for Protective.
I could also have the heavy boys like max and supermax in a block, but without having only half of the cells filled. So they are then filled with Mid sec but not Min or Protective.
Also this could keep the Supermax guys out of the kitchen with als these tempting knives ;-)

Bare in mind that is is only a imagination. Perhaps it would be better to keep the squared filled and split them depending on the number of commulative zones.

I would love to hear some feedback, and maybe even an answer from a developer ;-)

Images from current deployment and my suggestion:

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