[suggestion] door access rights, the revisioning

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[suggestion] door access rights, the revisioning

Postby arwan » Sun Oct 11, 2015 3:09 am

Currently if you want to segregate an area for a certain inmate class you can do that through the deployment screen. And it’s an adequate solution, if not perfect with room for improvement.

My idea would take all the doors in the game and essentially turn them into little 1x1 and 1x2 rooms with specific access rights. You would not set these permissions through the deployment screen but on the doors themselves with their current properties windows. Where we have the set door as normal, open, and locked. We could add some check boxes for access rights. Rights that would include all the different sprites in the game, so if you want to make a door only accessible to low security and medium security inmates as well as "all" staff you can do that by clicking a few boxes. Additionally you could make it so that only guards have access, where other sprites won’t even ask for permission to go through the door. You could make doors that are specifically for visitors and staff to access, Or just kitchen staff. Maybe you want a low and medium security only cell block. this would make it possible to further segregate a prison through door access rights, being able to segregate independently every individual sprite type in the game, this would override the generic staff key in the game, though not make it useless. All staff sprites would carry key cards for their specific access rights that prisoners could still steal. And a stolen access card would have to be replaced at say a security office.

With this system you could more easily control access to certain room types instead of having to make multiple paths to a single room if you want say only minimum and medium security to have access to the room.

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