campaign only items

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campaign only items

Postby arwan » Sun Oct 11, 2015 2:53 am

im kind of surprised i have not seen a thread on this yet.

there are many items in the campaign that you only see in the campaign. bur could i believe easily be incorporated into the sandbox.

things like the second type of visitation tables. (one person on opposite sides of the glass.) obviously unless you set your room up correctly inmates or visitors would walk over the "glass" to get to their seats.

wooden beds, i remember way back when they were first implemented into the workshop that there was talk about how in the future you would likely be able to build your own furniture for your prison for use. and they would be better than what you can buy outright. things like the wooden bed. though that seems to never have gotten any traction for some reason.

armed guards from emergency deployment. (they are so brain dead as is that this would be the optimal way for me to use them.)

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